'The Masked Singer': Week 5 Unmasks Two Celebs -- See All the Best Songs, Sweetest Moments & Biggest Clues!

After a two-week hiatus, Fox's hit series returns and ET is breaking down all the biggest clues and most epic performances!

The Masked Singer returned Wednesday night, following a two-week break, and ET was following along throughout the wild and wacky jam-packed two-hour episode to break down all the craziest moments, best performances and most revealing clues!

Tonight, Fox's smash hit reality competition series brought 11 costumed contestants back to the stage to sing their hearts out yet again -- while the panel of celebrity "detectives," including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, tried their best to guess the singers' secret identities -- before two more singers were unmasked.

The Penguin, The Black Widow, The Rottweiler, The Ladybug, The Tree, The Flower, The Fox, Thingamajig, The Butterfly, The Leopard and The Flamingo all got the chance to impress America with their voices and, more importantly, drop some huge clues about their alter egos.

Follow along below as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer.

And the Singer Getting Unmasked Is...

After all five of the night's performers belted their hearts out, the decision had to be tough for the audience. 

Once the votes were counted, The Black Widow was voted out, but before she removes her mask, we get to hear the guesses the judges spew out.

Panelists' Final Guesses:

Nicole: Raven-Symone

Robin: Raven-Symone

Anthony: Despite saying he's worked with Raven and cast her in his sitcom, he sticks with Drew Barrymore.

Jenny: Amber Riley

Ken: Miranda Lambert (because he's bad at this).


So who was The Black Widow all along?

After legit struggling to take her mask off, it turns out it is, in fact, Raven-Symone!

"I've been in the music industry for a really long time," she said when asked why she signed up, and went on to say that being in the costume meant she didn't have to put on a facade of pleasantness all the time, which was an appealing prospect.

"When you guys called me a professional singer I peed my pants, so thank you very much," she added with a real smile.

So, there we have it! The Penguin was Sherri Shepherd and The Black Widow was Raven-Symone. Did you guess either of those? If so, good work! If not, we've still got quite a few contestants to unmask before this whole thing is over!

There's 'Never Enough' of The Flamingo's Stunning Voice

The Flamingo literally seemed to break Nicole's mind with her captivating performance of Loren Allred's "Never Enough" that gives the scene from The Greatest Showman a run for its money -- and brings Nicole to tears.

"That was outstanding," Robin marvels.

"Can I hear it one more time?" Jenny jokes. "I could listen to that again and again."

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin thinks it's Fantasia.

Anthony agrees with Robin and says that it's Fantasia just masking her voice.

Jenny says the film references imply she's an actress and a singer and sticks with her guess of Adrienne Bailon.


As for her revealing item, The Flamingo shows off an NAACP Image Award. She shares, "I was tickled pink when I received this award."

The Flamingo -- NEW CLUES!!

The Flamingo: 

- Says, "Years ago, I started hating the sound of my own voice."

- Says, "I danced, sung, and acted my way to the top."

- We see a film reel.

- Says, "This bird is anything but basic."

The Leopard Has a 'Teenage Dream'

The Leopard showed a different side of his voice tonight with a performance of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" that really won over the crowd, and earned a standing ovation.

"I love the way he moves and his presence on stage," Jenny marvels.

At one point, The Leopard flirts with Nick and gets down on one knee, miming a proposal. Nick says he's "uncomfortable" but then says "I do," because he's jealous of Nicole and Thingamajig's romance.

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it's Bobby Brown, based on the "new edition" clue -- and his earlier guess of Thingamajig being Ronnie DeVoe.

Nicole picks up the "Pose" clue, and suggests Billy Porter. Anthony says he's "at a loss," but agrees that it could be Porter.


The Leopard's revealing item turns out to be a collection of vintage cameras. He adds, "My life has been so tiresome. I spent most of it in front of the lens, but I prefer to be behind the lens."

The Leopard -- NEW CLUES!!

The Leopard:

- Says, "I haven't felt this free since I was a young cub on the road."

- We see a bunch of newspaper headlines with some headlines including the word "Pose" and one that says he performed at the White House.

- Says he's "a fresh new edition of his old self."

- There's a open guitar case filled with loose change, suggesting he could have been a street busker.

The Butterfly Makes Sure the Panelists 'Don't Know' Who She Is

The Butterfly returns this week with a soulful, beautiful performance of Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why," and it really wins over the panelists, especially Anthony.

Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole says that, based on the voice, she thinks it's Michelle Williams, and Jenny agrees.

Robin says he doesn't understand how it could be Michelle Williams, and says he's sticking with Leona Lewis, based on the London clues.

Nick, for whatever reason, thinks it could be Norah Jones singing a different rendition of her own song.


As for her revealing item, The Butterfly pulls a sheet off a forensics kit. (What??). She adds, "I once had the chance to choose life, or death!" 

The Butterfly -- NEW CLUES!!

The Butterfly:

- Says, "All my insecurities about performing resurfaced" after electric shock last episode.

- Says she's wanted to be a singer since she was 7.

- We see a "Car Salesman of the Year" plaque.

- There's a Brit Award Winner headline on a newspaper.

- Says, "This is what I was meant to do."

Thingamajig 'Ain't Too Proud to Beg' for Nicole's Heart

There's love in the air when Thingamajig sings The Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" basically right to Nicole -- or, as he calls her, his "Nicoleamajig."

The song is a much higher-tempo offering than his soulful performances of past weeks, but he still slays and has the audience chanting his name after the number.

"I am in love with your voice," Nicole says, "You have so much swag on stage."

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin says Montell Jordan could be Thingamajig, because of his height and his voice.

Jenny is sticking with the basketball player angle, guessing Tony Parker.

Nicole says it could be Dennis Rodman, based off some of the hints in the clue packages.

Ken says his guess "is a stretch" and hints that it could be Ronnie DeVoe of Bell Biv DeVoe.


For his revealing item, Thingamajig reveals an American Sign Language book, and says, "This book taught me how to communicate with others, which is the most appropriate thing-amajig."

Thingamajig -- NEW CLUES!!


- Says, "I'm used to my voice winning over the ladies."

- Says, "This is how we do it."

- Reveals dinner table full of dress shoes and bow ties.

- Says, "I ain't too proud to beg."

The Black Widow Makes Us 'Believe' In Fun

The Black Widow's high-energy cover of the Cher classic "Believe" would have been a great way to kick off an episode, but even coming halfway through a back-to-back special, it still kicks things up a notch.

"Your voice, it makes people stand up the more you crouch down," Ken says, adding that she delivers "consistently great performances."

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin suggests it could be Raven-Symone.

Ken thinks that it could be a country star, like Miranda Lambert (based on the Memphis clue).


For tonight's bonus clue, they show us "a revealing item" (just like season 1) and The Black Widow's item is whipped cream and a box of crackers.

"I've spun webs around these tasty treats," The Black Widow says, not helping at all. However, the clues make Anthony Anderson guess that it could be Drew Barrymore, for some reason.

The Black Widow -- NEW CLUES!!

The Black Widow - 

- Says, "Whether it's a cozy den in Memphis or a bungalow in Bel-Air" you have to find things that "spark joy."

- Has two sashes with "Misdemeanor" written on one of them.

- "This hot homemaker is going to keep you on your toes."

And Before We Have Time to Recover, Here We Go Again!

Two hours is a lot when it comes to a show as wild and fun as The Masked Singer!

Before we even have time to recover from that first reveal, we're already kicking off on another hour!

This time, Anthony Anderson is sitting down with the panelists and adding his own ideas to the mix. We'll see how much insight the fun comic can bring to figuring out the madness that is this fever dream.

Who Is Going Home First?

After all the votes are counted, it's The Penguin who's going home! But before the mask is removed, we've gotta see what the panelists (usually wrongly) think.

Panelists' Final Guesses:

Jenny: Nicole Byer

Ken: Wanda Sykes

Nicole: Star Jones

Robin: Mindy Kaling


So who is it?...

... Sherri Shepherd! Jenny was right again (until she changed her vote for some weird reason).

Sherri is so excited and can't stop smiling.

"Jenny knows me so well... we've walked around naked together. She knows me," Sherri said with a laugh, adding that it was "so hard" not to grab Nick's butt throughout her time on the show.

The comic said she was inspired to sign up for the show by her son, despite being scared to put herself out there.

The Fox Stirs Up a Panic! on the Stage

The Fox knows how to sing, he knows how to move, and he knows how to command an audience. All of this lends itself to an absolutely awesome performance of "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" by Panic! At the Disco.

"He definitely knows what he's doing," Robin says, before complimenting The Fox's awesome dance break.

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin thinks he's got a boy band background and suggests it could be A.J. McLean.

Ken thinks its Jamie Foxx.

Nicole and Jenny both agree that it could be Ne-Yo.

The Fox gives another hint to his alter ego when he reveals, "It's ironic that I spent most of my life in costume, because growing up, I thought I'd be in a uniform."

The Fox -- NEW CLUES!!

The Fox:

- Sits down again to read a book to his "little one."

- Says, "Lets just say, I didn't always fit in. I grew up in a rough patch of the woods," as he shows a drawing of his childhood home in "Fox Park."

- Says he was bullied, and that the other fox cubs weren't nice, which "did a strange thing to my bark."

- Says, "I found that if I pretended to sound like other foxes, my bark was fixed."

- Says, "Shazam, Fast and Furious, I transformed into an undercover superfox."

- Shows a drawing of himself holding up an Emmy. But says that, despite the success, "I never felt like the applause was for the real me."

The Flower Is Here for More Than 'Cheap Thrills'

The song that The Flower sings -- and the one she says is "outside her wheelhouse" is Sia's "Cheap Thrillls," and she does a very unique take that, as Nicole says, gave us a look at a different side of her voice.


Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says he's the "only one smart enough to double down" on his first guess, and suggests it's Bjork.

Nicole says that, last week, she thought it was Patti Labelle (which is what we think) but that this week she sounded more like Shirley Bassey.

Jenny says she thinks it Anita Baker, which Ken says is "a great non-Bjork guess."


As for an extra clue, The Flower reveals, "My favorite band is Kings of Leon."

The Flower -- NEW CLUES!!

The Flower:

- Says, "You think I'm a professional singer, but I've never taken a voice lesson in my life."

- Says, "My talent bloomed early on."

- Shows a clock with 12:00 on it, and then an address with metal numbers reading 524.

- Says, "I must have just had that X-factor."

- There's a French flag.

- Her finger has a price tag for $13 dollars tied to it, and she says, "You can't put a price tag on what you love."

- Says she's singing a song that's "not usually in her wheelhouse."

The Penguin Is 'All About That Bass'

The Penguin belted out a super fun rendition of Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," and, while it doesn't seem like she's a professional singer, she's definitely the most fun of the night thus far.

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny thinks the "Nailed It" clue suggests The Penguin could be Nicole Byer, but she can't get over her guess that it's Sherri Shepherd.

Nicole thinks it could be Star Jones.

Robin thinks the clues suggest it could be Wanda Sykes or Mindy Kaling.


As a bonus clue, The Penguin says, "Nick, I've been in many relationships with many of the presidents."


As a side note, Robin earns the "Joke of the Night" award for saying Nick is dressed up like "a delicious wedding cake," and he couldn't be funnier.

Also, Nicole thought Kathy Griffin was on season 1, apparently. She was not, just to be clear. All the other panelists are just as confused.

The Penguin -- NEW CLUES!!

- Says, "As a chick, I was always relegated to the D-List."

- Shots of her being bullied, with notes calling her names like "snaggle tooth."

 - Says, "The brightest star can be born out of the greatest tragedy."

- Says, "Making people laugh was my ticket to the new adventures of the old penguin."

- Says, "Whether it be in an office or on stage, I never curb my enthusiasm."

- We see shots of a hairdryer, a brush and a cross.

- Says, "Nailed it!"

The Tree Makes the Panelists 'Think' She's a Real Singer

It takes a lot of confidence to tackle any tune by Aretha Franklin, but "Think" is perhaps her most iconic (and at least one dude in the audience seems to really be feeling the vibe on a whole other level).

"Trees usually give shade but I'm not giving you any because you're a true talent," Nicole shares after the song.

Panelists' Guesses:

Nicole has a solid guess: quirky comic Amy Sedaris.

Ken picks up on the "Elf" clue and guesses it's Zooey Deschanel.

Robin, based on the cooking clues, sticks with his Rachael Ray guess, and Jenny joins in, guessing it's Padma Lakshmi.


As a bonus clue, The Tree says, "I have been a brand ambassador, and it does related to food."



The Tree -- NEW CLUES!!

- Says, "I'm not a regular tree. I'm a cool tree."

- Explaining her "family tree" she says her dad "is the tinsel, my mom's the pom-pom, mix them together it's a holiday rom-com."

- She's playing the piano.

- Says that, growing up, her parents always said to be true to herself, and that she's "always been their favorite elf."

- Says they never made her feel like she was left "home alone."

 - There's also a random shot of the White House. (Maybe she sang there?)

- She's trying to be "as colorful as a fruitcake."

The Ladybug Brings the 'Juice'

It's not hard to win over an audience when you're singing a song as awesome as Lizzo's "Juice" (or, really, any Lizzo song, for that matter), but The Ladybug definitely slays the tune with a wild performance and a lot of charisma.

"This week, you came to win," Jenny gushes. "You are the Lady Gaga of ladybugs tonight."

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin says he's confused by the "Best Host" trophy, but doesn't have a guess.

Jenny says, for some reason, that it could be Paris Jackson.

Ken says he thinks it might be Lindsay Lohan, which annoys The Ladybug (and also makes no sense with Lindsay being a panelist on The Masked Singer Australia).

Nicole thinks it could be Ashlee Simpson.


As an extra clue, The Ladybug says, "The queens of the world taught me how to be a lady."

The Ladybug - NEW CLUES!!

The Ladybug:

- Says, "I never expected the nerves to hit like they did."

- Says the show reminds her of childhood where everything looked "rosey" on the outside, but on the inside her world was "completely upside-down."

- Holds a tarot card for Three of Cups.

- Shows a golden trophy for "Best Host."

- Shows a silver sparkly heel, a lime, a cross, and a playing card hanging from the ceiling.

- Says they are "pieces of me."

The Love Isn't Running Out for The Rottweiler

For his performance, The Rottweiler wows the panelists again with a commanding performance of "Love Runs Out" OneRepublic, and it gives the panelists serious boy band vibes.

"When you sing, it doesn't even sound real to me, it sounds like a record," Nicole marvels.

Panelists' Guesses:

Robin thinks it could be Brian Littrell

Jenny says it could be Kevin Jonas.

Nicole thinks it's not a boy band member, which Ken agrees with.

Ken thinks it could be Pat Monahan from Train.


As an extra clue, The Rottweiler says, "My heroes growing up were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men."

The Rottweiler - NEW CLUES!!

The Rottweiler:

- There's a trophy.

- There's a first place ribbon.

- Says, "I'm capable of succeeding on my own, and I want it that way."

- Sitting in a dog bed near other dog beds with the words "Carolina," "Kale" and 'Little Pete."

- The Rottweiler draws a picture of himself as an angel.

- Says, "You could say it all started thanks to musical theater and makeup."

- Says, "I plan to be here 'til the end, or at least until the love runs out."

And Tonight's 2-Hour Special Begins!

Tonight is very special, as we're going to see two episodes, back-to-back, meaning not only do we get an insane number of performances to enjoy, but we will also get to see two different stars unmasked!

The first slate of performers will be: The Rottweiler, The Lady Bug, The Tree, The Penguin, The Flower and The Fox!

More importantly, we are going to get a whole bunch of new clues!

The last exciting episode -- which aired on Oct. 16 -- saw The Skeleton get unmasked and revealed to be former Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer!

Check out the video below for more on this season of The Masked Singer.