'The Masked Singer': The Tree Gets the Axe -- See Who Was Under the Festive Costume!

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*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

This season's competition entered the quarterfinals in a special Tuesday episode of The Masked Singer, and the field of performers was thinned down from six to five.

All six remaining costumed contestants -- The Fox, Thingamajig, The Tree, The Flamingo, The Rottweiler and The  Leopard -- hit the stage once more to sing their hearts out as the panel of celebrity "detectives" -- including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy -- tried their hardest to guess their secret alter egos.

After the hidden hopefuls gave it their all, the audience in the theater voted on who would be moving on and who would be heading home. This time around, the lowest vote earner turned out to be The Tree, whose festive cheer couldn't save her.

However, on The Masked Singer, every time we have to say goodbye, we get the reward of finding out if our wild guesses and rampant speculation was on point or if we totally missed the mark when the singer finally unmasks. And this week, The Tree revealed herself to be none other than Saturday Night Live star Ana Gasteyer!

Before unmasking, the panel had to make their final guesses. Thicke and Scherzinger said they thought it was comedian Amy Sedaris, while Jeong said he thought it was Frasier actress Bebe Neuwirth, and T-Pain suggested it was Mariah Carey -- "Because I wanna see Nick panic," T-Pain explained.

McCarthy, however, stuck with her SNL hunch and correctly guessed Gasteyer, and then lost her mind when her guess proved to be true.

After removing her Tree mask, Gasteyer laughingly chided Jeong for not even coming close to guessing right, considering the fact that they both acted together in A Christmas Story Live! back in 2017, and he was amazed, even back then, at her singing voice.

This is just the latest example of Masked Singer contestants having worked closely with Jeong, and him having no idea who they could be. As Thicke joked, "It seems the close you've worked with Ken, the less he knows about you."

Tonight's reveal comes on the heels of last week's surprising conclusion, when fans had to bid farewell to The Butterfly, who revealed herself to be former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams in one of the show's most emotional eliminations.

Check out the video below for more on all the biggest moments, best performances and most revealing clues from last week's night of competition.

The Masked Singer returns for the season's semifinals on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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