'The Summer I Turned Pretty' On Set! Lola Tung and Her Co-Stars Say Season 2 'Takes a Step Up' (Exclusive)

Tung gave ET an exclusive behind-the-scenes set tour ahead of the Prime Video series' second season.

Time for summer love at Cousins Beach! The Summer I Turned Pretty's leading lady Lola Tung peeled back the curtain on season 2 of the Prime Video YA drama, giving ET an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Wilmington, North Carolina set while also putting her interviewing skills to the test as she grilled her co-stars about what's to come for Belly and the crew.

"It's amazing to be with everyone and to be back on set and back in the summer house because it's very, very nostalgic now, which it is for the Conklins and the Fishers as well," Tung, who plays Belly in the series, said while showing ET around the Summer I Turned Pretty set. "I love these people. It's really wonderful to be doing what we love together in this magical summer world."

Based on Jenny Han's best-selling novels, the series follows Belly (Tung) and the Fisher brothers, Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), as they spend summers together at Cousins Beach. A love triangle quickly heats up between the trio, with Belly and Conrad sharing a kiss in the season 1 finale. Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of Susannah's (Rachel Blanchard) cancer and the lingering repercussions of Belly's romantic decision as Conrad and Jeremiah fight over her heart.

The tables were turned on her castmates, as they were asked who they believe belongs with Belly: Conrad or Jeremiah.

"No! Don't ask me that!" actress Jackie Chung, who plays Belly's mother, Laurel Park, exclaimed. "Chris or Gavin here? No, I can't choose. She [Belly] has to choose. I cannot and I will not."

Tung, meanwhile, maintained she can't choose between the two brothers and she's firmly on her character's side: "Skip, skip! No, I'm kidding. Team Belly."

The first three episodes of season 2 drop Friday, and as the love triangle continues, Belly will have to navigate the roller-coaster that is young love. But there's added emotion for the Fisher boys as they are faced with their mother's cancer diagnosis.

"This season, after the reveal of Susannah's health and the condition she's in, Laurel is having to deal with the aftermath of that reveal and how it affects her and her children and everyone in her world," Chung previewed.

Briney and Casalegno, who opened up about their new lives as "heartthrobs," shared what audiences can expect in season 2.

"It's all been really fun," Briney said of making the sophomore installment. "There's been a lot of really cool things to film. I really appreciate the way that this story, the direction it's taking this season and the way it's staying true to the books, the way that it's diverted a little bit. But in some way, it explores characters that weren't explored in the book so it's pretty fun reading the scripts in general. It's been a highlight."

The actor recalled a vivid memory of filming the season's first episode, which set the table for what was in store. "I remember getting the first episode and I was like, 'Damn, this shows, like, I feel like it takes a step up a staircase."

"A whole staircase," Tung quipped.

Casalegno hinted that season 2 finds Jeremiah "growing up a lot, and I think you catch him in the very beginning of those developmental trials and things." He added that "It's definitely a new Jeremiah that people haven't really seen before, so it's gonna be fun."

There are also a couple of new faces at Cousins Beach with the arrivals of Kyra Sedgwick and Elsie Fisher, who play Aunt Julia and Skye, respectively. And Aunt Julia's presence, especially, won't be met with the warmest of receptions.

"[The] new characters have been super-duper fun. I'm excited for everyone to meet them. Elsie and Kyra are both amazing, amazing, talented performers and just wonderful people," Tung said. "They've been great additions to our little summer family. So I'm very grateful for them."

The Summer I Turned Pretty cast revealed their favorite memories while filming season 2 and the popular answer involved a golf course.

"We were filming on a golf course and a couple of us had the bright idea to steal some golf carts and take it for a spin," Casalegno recalled, while co-star Rain Spencer, who plays Belly's friend, Taylor, also called out that moment as a highlight: "The first thing that came into my head just now was when we were all on the golf course!"

"We also had a pillow fight on the golf course. That's not included [in the episode!]" Tung revealed.

As for how the cast keeps it light while the cameras aren't rolling? Lots of singing.

"Lola has the voice of an angel. And I feel like we don't hear enough of it. When she sings, it's just so beautiful," Chung praised.

Added Tung: "Sometimes we're goofing around. Jackie was saying that I sing, I think Jackie has a beautiful voice. She loves to sing, sometimes we sing Sound of Music songs together -- not actually like all the time, like once or twice -- but it's fun!"

"We play a lot of games," Briney said. "Sean [Kaufman] and I like to play video games, which is a really nice fun time. It's how we wind down. We went golfing a few weekends ago, which is good 'cause none of us golf. None of us are at all good, which made it an enjoyable experience. We were playing in a volleyball league for a while this year."

"I was not [in it]," Tung reminded, as the two adorably bickered. "You came one time," Briney remembered, causing her to let out a laugh.

"I did watch volleyball," she said. "I do like to play though!"

The Summer I Turned Pretty returns July 14 on Prime Video.