'The Voice': Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoe Give Coach Kelly Clarkson 'Chills'

the voice anna grace gihanna zoe

Two of Team Kelly's youngest performers showed off some stunning vocals on Monday's Knockout Rounds!

Monday was the final night of The Voice's season 20 Knockout Rounds -- and two of Kelly Clarkson's youngest team members gave it their all to make it to the live shows!

In the night's final Knockout, Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoe put their vastly different, but equally impressive, vocal skills on display, leading to a tough decision -- and a surprise steal.

First up, Anna slowed down The Band Perry's "If I Die Young," turning it into a dreamy, ethereal ballad that earned audible reactions from Kelly, John Legend and Blake Shelton.

Then, Gihanna soared through her soulful rendition of Pink's "Glitter in the Air" -- that had Kelly in tears during rehearsals -- showing off her stunning belt and even more impressive control during the song's quieter moments.

"This is not gonna be a fun one for you, Kelly," Blake warned. 

"To take a song like this and make it your own in this way, I thought was the right move, and I thought you did a really good job with it," Nick Jonas told Anna, however he admitted to Kelly that he would pick Gihanna to win the Knockout. 

"You show up each week with kind of a different thing for all of us to hear," he shared with the young performer, "which is really incredible, to be so good at so much."

John praised both singers' personality and confidence, saying he got "chills" from Anna's "graceful" high notes and joking with Gihanna that he didn't believe she was actually just 17 years old: "It sounded so confident and sure, I gotta check the birth certificate!"

As their coach, Kelly was diplomatic, saying the talented young performers are "very powerful in different ways." She praised Anna's chills-inducing "ethereal" tone and Gihanna's "big presence, for anyone, but especially a 17-year-old."

"Honestly, it's just gonna come down to who, in this moment, is going to be able to navigate this competition better," she admitted of the tough decision. Ultimately, she chose Gihanna to win, but got a saving grace from an unlikely place -- as Blake stole Anna for his team!

"If I could hug you, I would hug you!" Kelly shouted in celebration.

"I stole Anna because I think she's got an open lane on my team," Blake shared, telling the emotional singer, "This is hardcore competition. These are world-class vocalists. And I happen to think that you're one of them."

In addition to their coaches, the season 20 performers had extra input during the Knockout Rounds from this season's Mega Mentor: Snoop Dogg! ET spoke with Snoop ahead of his epic reveal, and the legendary rapper shared how excited he was to help coach the up-and-coming singers and impart his own wisdom and experience to the hopeful stars. But, while he had his own thoughts on each of the coaches, Snoop wasn't playing favorites!

"It's hard to say which team that I like working with the best, because there's so much talent inside of each team," he marveled. "Each team has some unique singers and some unique artists that could possibly make it past the show. I know only one person's gonna win, but it seems like there's about six or seven record deals up in here."

See more in the video below. The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.