Tom Hanks Yells at Fans to 'Back the F**k Off' After They Cause Wife Rita Wilson to Trip

The couple was swarmed by a horde of fans in New York City as they headed to their waiting SUV.

Tom Hanks unleashed his wrath on a horde of fans who caused his wife, Rita Wilson, to trip and nearly fall to the ground. Hanks was so furious, he shouted at them to "back the f**k off."

The scene unfolded Wednesday night in New York City after the couple was leaving a building and walking to their waiting SUV. A bodyguard can be seen trying to guide the couple past the swarming fans. At one point, Hanks can be seen lightly moving a man wearing a backpack out of the way as he fell behind a bit from his wife.

Then, out of nowhere, Wilson gets tripped by a fan behind her, and that's when Hanks let them all have it. The always cool-mannered Oscar-winning actor can be seen on video, shouting, "Guys, this is my wife. Back the f**k off!" Wilson then beelined it to the SUV while Hanks stared down the fans before adding, "Knocking over my wife?!" 

The paparazzi in tow admonished the fans who caused the mishap and then apologized to Hanks, who didn't acknowledge the paps and furiously walked to the SUV. It's unclear what brought the couple to the Big Apple, but it's likely he was there to promote his new film, Elvis.

Hanks hasn't addressed the incident yet, but it's clear that when it comes to his wife's safety, he's protecting his wife of nearly four decades at all costs. It should also be noted that Hanks is one of the nicest actors in Hollywood. In fact, back in October the Saving Private Ryan star crashed a wedding on a beach in Santa Monica, California.

The couple told ET that they had just finished the ceremony and they were all gathering for pictures when "all of a sudden we see someone walking through the crowd and I'm like, 'Who is this guy in our pictures?'" The man in question then took his hat off and revealed himself to be Hanks.

The couple said that the actor was on the beach for a walk at the time of their wedding.

"We were so surprised, first of all," Tashia Farries said of Hanks' appearance. "I'm a celebrity chef, and so I'm around celebrities all the time and I just saw how humble and nice Tom Hanks was."