Tommy Lee and Pal John Travolta Swap Cookie Recipes

Lee took to TikTok to share an exchange between him and the actor, where they swapped recipes and shared videos of the baked goods.

We're officially nominating Tommy Lee and John Travolta for the next season of The Great British Bake Off after seeing this exchange between the longtime friends. Lee took to TikTok to reveal that the Grease actor had texted him asking him for his famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Lee not only sent it to him, but soon after, Travolta was in the kitchen baking, sending photos and videos of his delicious creations to the 59-year-old Mötley Crüe rocker, nicknaming himself, "Johnny Crocker."

"Ok, who would've thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights making brownies and cookies, with fresh lemonade," Travolta tells the camera through a mouthful of sweets. "Tommy Lee and JT, can't beat 'em."

"Oh my god, buddy, my wife and I were just saying the exact same thing! I'm like, 'Who's sitting around on a Wednesday night?' I go, 'Could you imagine if people knew, like, Tommy and John are baking?' What happened?" Lee said in a video reply included in the TikTok.


What happened?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

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This isn't the first time Lee has talked about his friendship with the 67-year-old actor. Lee spoke to ET in Oct. 2020, where he shared that he had been spending his time during the COVID-19 pandemic at home and "going out to dinners or being social" with his close friends like Travolta and his family.

Last year, Travolta shared a photo from an outing he had with Lee and his family, in celebration of his wife Brittany Furlan's birthday.

Lee also opened up about connecting with Travolta after the death of his wife, Kelly Preston.

"I just talked to him, he's back in town here. He's doing really well," Lee said of how Travolta was doing at the time. "He has a great team of people around him, his kids are doing wonderful. He's doing everything to make them comfortable and I think, just personally knowing that it's been happening or coming up, I’m sure it doesn't ease the pain at all of…having something slowly come that you can kind of start to prepare for."

"He's in good spirits. What a lovely man," he added. "He's probably the sweetest man I think I've ever met, honestly."

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