Tommy Lee Says Pamela Anderson Has 'Poisoned' Their Sons Against Him

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Tommy Lee wants an apology from his son.

The Mötley Crüe rocker issued a statement on Thursday responding to both his 21-year-old son, Brandon Lee, and ex-wife, Pamela Anderson's, characterizations of Monday night's altercation at Tommy's Los Angeles area home between Tommy and his son, which has since led to a criminal investigation.

"Truthfully this whole situation has become so depressing and out of control. My heart was broken when my son punched me," the 55-year-old musician claims, admitting, "Should I have posted it on social media? Probably not."

"But I couldn't believe that he was not apologizing or responding to my messages," Tommy continues, going on to allege that Brandon laughed and filmed his dad's unconscious body after the altercation. "This isn't what I want for anyone."

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Both Brandon and Pamela cited alcoholism as the source of the drama between Tommy and their son, and Pamela's response -- an essay published on her website titled "Alcoholism Is the Devil" -- explicitly calls out Tommy's fiancee, Brittany Furlan, alleging that she "keeps him drunk." In his statement, Tommy flatly denies all of this.

"My alleged  'alcoholism' has nothing to do with this. I've been in therapy and working on myself, my fiancée is the one who got me into therapy!" Tommy said. "The boys never once came and talked to me and told me they felt I had a problem. However, my fiancée has been helping me since we've been together."

"Do I drink? Yes. Do I drink more than the average Joe? Yes. Have I ever hurt my sons or acted out of turn with them because of my drinking? No. My fiancée barely drinks," Tommy added. "We don't do any hard drugs, I haven't in years. No matter how much people wanna pin me as this deviant alcoholic abuser, that isn't me. I'm a happy, fun loving guy. I'm joking around all the time, and people take it the wrong way sadly."

In addition to Brandon, Tommy and Pamela have a 20-year-old son, Dylan. In his statement, Tommy alleges that Pamela has "poisoned" both sons against him.

"The boys have been poisoned against me sadly," he claims. "Because I was on tour working; making money to pay for their private schools and their cars, and their future, so they spent more time with their mother. She became the hero. And I've come to peace with that."

"Always love my kids, but I won't let them abuse me. I won't let them be in my house and disrespect me like they did. I think they just need some time to learn how to be on their own," he continues, claiming, "They've been given everything their entire lives, never been reprimanded, never had to work for anything. I want them to get jobs, stable jobs, consistent jobs, not their inconsistent modeling and acting work here and there that doesn't make enough money for them to survive."

"I love my boys, I will always love my boys, I just want them to learn that you cannot hurt people without repercussion," Tommy explains.

In his statement, Tommy also claims that Brandon has "lied" about how the altercation went down, going on to reiterate his claim that his son punched him, noting the same alleged chain of events that Brittany told a 911 operator in her call to police on the night of the altercation, which he also encourages people to listen to.

"All I wanted from my son was an apology. And my heart is so broken that he would lie about the whole situation. He came in the room angry about my response to Pamela's relentless press about our old relationship, with his dukes up, telling me to get up and fight him," Tommy claims, alleging, "When I stood up he pushed me into a wall."

"I didn't want to hit my son. I never have and I never will. If I wanted to clock him I would have knocked him on his a**," he says, claiming, "He had no problem knocking me out. I asked him to leave and he spun around and sucker punched me. Knocked me unconscious. Listen to the 911 call that's made its way online."

"I have an abusive past which people will always bring up. But I've changed. I don't hurt people anymore. I've learned, I've served time, I've taken a long hard look at myself," Tommy continues. "It's hard to grow and move past things when people are constantly bringing up the past. All I wanted was an apology, something to show that he actually felt bad, but he doesn't."

Tommy argues that interviews Anderson has given about their past relationship is what led to the altercation.

"People hold my past against me, but I haven't had any altercations or issues in 20+ years. The thing that started all this was Pamela going on a barrage of interviews talking about the past, right as soon as I got engaged to my fiancée, who I have a beautiful relationship with," he wrote, claiming that "Pamela would ignore my pleas for her to stop," which he says, "pushed me over the edge. I messaged her several times asking her to stop taking these interviews, that was hurting me and the boys, and she would ignore me."

Tommy also claims that Pamela would send him nostalgic messages about their relationship when he started dating Brittany.

"When I first started dating my fiancée, she would send me messages of old couples, and things like that saying, 'this will be us one day,'"Tommy alleges. "I suppose my non-response set her off. She thought she'd forever have me as a backup plan."

ET has reached out to Tommy's manager, Pamela's rep, Brandon's publicist and Brittany for comment.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells ET that Tommy filed a report with them claiming a public offense was committed by his son, Brandon. The Department is taking that as filing a formal criminal complaint and says Brandon was not present during the time of the initial investigation when detectives arrived on the scene at Tommy’s house. ET has learned that the investigation remains ongoing, that Brandon has sought legal representation, and that Brandon and his attorney are cooperating with the investigation.

As ET previously reported, Tommy shared a since-deleted photo of his bloodied face via Instagram on Tuesday, alleging that Brandon had assaulted him. A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officer told ET that police responded to Tommy's Calabasas, California, home on Monday, and Tommy was transported to a local hospital shortly after. The officer noted that when police arrived, Tommy had a visible injury on his face. Nobody was taken into custody, but according to police, Tommy stated that he planned to press charges.

Brittany alleged in the 911 call obtained by ET on Wednesday that Tommy was unconscious and bleeding "in his mouth" after Brandon allegedly punched him following a disagreement involving Pamela. Brittany also alleged that Brandon had guns in his room, which "freaked" her out. However, at about four minutes into the call, Brittany told the operator that Tommy had started to regain consciousness, asking if they could "cancel" the request.

Brandon claimed in a statement to People on Wednesday that the altercation was "a result of my father’s alcoholism." Tommy denied those allegations via Twitter, writing, "LMAAAO!!!! I’m happier than I've been in my entire life. I have a few drinks here & there because I'm f**kin retired and enjoying my life. I worked 30+ f**kin years I deserve it. You didn't arrange any intervention, you barely spoke to me while u were here. Just coverin ur a**!!."

Pamela defended Brandon in her essay on Thursday, noting that she is currently out of the country.

"I am staying in France for the moment. I have complete faith in Brandon and his team to resolve this unfortunate and sad situation regarding his father. I pray Tommy gets the help he needs," her statement read. "His actions are desperate and humiliating -- he is a disaster spinning out of control and he is not acting like a father."

Watch the video below for more on the altercation between Tommy and his son.


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