Travis Barker Details 'Strict but Not Strict' Rules for Daughter Alabama's Dating Life

The drummer answers telling hypothetical questions from his 18-year-old child -- and 'of course' passed the vibe check with fans.

Travis Barker is explaining his ethos when it comes to being a "strict but not strict" parent of teens. The Blink-182 drummer joins his 18-year-old daughter, Alabama Barker, on TikTok for a series of hypothetical questions about how he would discipline her across a series of scenarios -- including dating. 

"I'm asking my strict but not strict dad hypothetical questions," Alabama begins her video as her dad sits next to her on a bed. 

First, she asks the 48-year-old musician if he considers himself to be strict." 

"No," he replies. 

Then, she asks what he would do if he discovered that she had snuck out of the house. 

"I'm gonna tell you how dangerous it is and maybe try to put you on restriction," he says, prompting a laugh from Alabama. 

"I'm not even kidding you, restriction was his thing," she tells her followers. 

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She next asks, "What would you do if I went out with a boy and I just completely stopped answering you?" 

Travis says, "I would come to your location and I would find you." 

The artist also notes that Alabama is only allowed to have male friends over if he's home, and that he would be "coming in to check on you" if she closes her bedroom door with a guy in the room. 

He adds that she is definitely not allowed to drive alone to a guy's house at night. 

Just a few weeks ago, Travis gifted two of his children -- daughter Alabama and 20-year-old son Landon Barker, both of whom he shares with his ex, Shanna Moakler -- with their own Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons for Christmas. The luxury rides retail for around $140,000. 

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During their casual Q&A, Alabama asks her dad what he would do if she crashed her car. 

"I wouldn't really care about the car," he says. "I'd worry if you're OK."

She also wonders how he would react if her car was towed. 

"I would have you find out where it got towed to," he says. She follows up to ask if he'd make her pay for the cost of the tow, to which he says, "Yeah." 

The telling conversation also reveals some of the boundaries Alabama has previously pushed. 

"What would you do if I got a C or lower in class?" the teen asks. 

"You have," Travis retorts with a laugh. 

She follows up with a question about staying out past her curfew.

"You have," he echoes, elaborating that he would "tell you you don't need to go anywhere the next day and stress to you how important the curfew is." 

Alabama concludes the clip by asking her followers to weigh in on whether Travis "passed the vibe check," to which he deadpans, "Of course I did." 

The fans were in wholehearted agreement, flooding  her comments section with praise for the rocker's calm demeanor. 

"He chill but responsible," wrote one fan. 

Another chimed in, "He chill but standing on business." 

A third: "He's so chill but still protective." 

"I would be scared to disappoint him," another wrote. "He's so sweet." 

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In addition to Alabama and Landon, Travis has also raised his 24-year-old step-daughter, Atiana de la Hoya, whom Moakler shares with Oscar de la Hoya.

Most recently, he welcomed a newborn baby boy, Rocky Thirteen, on Nov. 1 with wife Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney also shares three children -- son Mason, 14; daughter Penelope, 11; and son Reign, 9 -- with her ex, Scott Disick

"Kourtney and Travis are over the moon and could not be more elated that they share a child of their own together," a source recently told ET. "Kourtney and Travis already had an unbreakable bond, but having a baby together has brought them even closer and made them fall even more in love. This experience has solidified their feelings that they were destined to be together."