How LL Cool J Keeps His Marriage Strong


With a Muscle Beach body and a name that translates to "Ladies Love Cool James," you'd think this NCIS: Los Angeles star would find it difficult to stay faithful. LL says it's easy, given the right attitude. 

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Musing on the modesty one must maintain in life and business, LL tells ET's Samantha Harris that "people should always remember that there's always someone prettier than you, no matter how cute you may think you are."

The married father of four met his wife Simone 23 years ago, crediting his own brand of romanticism for keeping his lady happy; the gift of unlimited shopping.

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"A bath tub of rose petals is never going to compare to 20 years of straight shopping. I don't care how you do it."

Money isn't the only thing this hunk has to boast, the season premiere of NCIS: LA was number one in it's time slot.

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Tonight, the CBS drama has LL and partner Chris O'Donnell tackling a wily cyber criminal.