CBS Reveals '3' Ladies Looking for Love


CBS is offering a new spin on the reality dating genre with their upcoming show, 3, and today they announced the cast.

April Francis, 29, Rachel Harley, 34, and Libby Lopez, 24, will be looking for love side by side this summer, choosing from a pool of nearly 100 suitors, while offering emotional support and guidance to each other along the way.

Check out the ladies' stats below:

April Francis
Age: 29
From: Michigan
Lives in: Chicago
Occupations: Runs three businesses
Looking for: April, while passionate about her career, describes herself as a "maternalist" who would give up everything to be a wife and mom.

Rachel Harley
Age: 34
From and Lives in: Chicago
Occupation: Works for a pharmaceutical company and organizes the non-profit Harley Helping Hands.
Looking for: After having lost her husband, Kit, to brain cancer in 2010 while she was pregnant with her second child, she hopes find a partner who respects that she is a widow with two children.

Libby Lopez
Age: 24
From: Stockton, Calif.
Occupation: Model
Looking for: A man who shares her Baptist Church religious beliefs. Libby hopes to never divorce since she is the child of a broken marriage.

The ladies will kick off their quest for love when 3, hosted by Alex Miranda, debuts on CBS on July 22.