Bethenny Frankel's Emotional Miscarriage Talk


Reality star Bethenny Frankel recently got choked up when talking about her miscarriage in an upcoming episode of her talk show Bethenny.

"You blame yourself as a woman. And I accidentally found out from my doctor that it would've been a girl … so for me it was thinking about Bryn [her daughter] running around with another girl," she says about the traumatic experience.

Frankel previously discussed her miscarriage at age 41 in the July issue of Glamour, where she explained that at her age, it was already a "high risk" pregnancy.

Video: Bethenny Frankel Reveals Her Miscarriage

"It can be different for everybody. For me, it's that I’m older. I’m 41. That was ringing in my head and that it's high risk," she explains. "But, I'm lucky to have my first child. For some people, they're trying to have their first child, so they're going through that. And then, am I going to adopt? Am I damaged? What's my husband going to think of me?"

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She also admits that she even felt guilty about feeling bad about her loss.

" ... People who have one [child], feel guilty talking about being upset about [it] even if it's you have two kids and you wanted to have a third. You feel guilty that there are other people that can't even have one. Everyone is going through their own experiences. For some people, in their mind, their perfect life is to have three kids and if they can't make that happen, or if they want to have a boy for their husband …

"It's a loss," Dr. Raj interrupts. " ... and you have to mourn it like any other loss."

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