Jeff Lewis 'Flips Out' & Sues Assistant Jenni

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Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis has filed a lawsuit against his longtime assistant Jenni Pulos, alleging that she is in violation of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements because of information that might be disclosed in a book she is writing.

In the court complaint filed Wednesday and obtained by ET, Lewis states that he became aware last month that Jenni was writing a book that she purported would be about her personal life.

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But the complaint alleges that the title of the book made it appear that it was not entirely based "on her personal life as represented - but on her experiences while working for plaintiffs and specifically her experiences as the personal assistant of Jeff for these past 10+ years." Lewis states in the lawsuit that confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements signed by Pulos prevent her from divulging private information about him and his business.

The lawsuit contends that the book was initially titled Hang In There, Baby: What One Of The World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work And Love. 

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The reality star alleges that Pulos told him the book was not about him and that the title has been changed to Hang In There, Baby, but Lewis says in the complaint that he has requested a copy of the manuscript but Pulos has refused to hand one over.

The two have appeared for six seasons on Bravo's reality show Flipping Out, which showcases Lewis' demanding and blunt management style as he renovates and flips houses for profit.

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