Stephen Amell Hits It Big As 'Arrow'


was one of the few breakout hits last season, and The CW's grounded superhero drama has continued to hit the mark in 2013 with its unique combination of bone-crunching action and heart-busting drama.

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And a large reason for the show's success lies with star Stephen Amell, whose performance as Oliver Queen goes beyond layered as he's required to bring so many versions of the man to life -- Island Oliver, Family Oliver, Playboy Oliver, Arrow Oliver -- it borders on bipolar.

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On a recent trip to NYC, ETonline caught up with Amell inside The Carlton Hotel's Carlton's Corner Pocket Penthouse Suite to find out what life has been like since Arrow hit it big, what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes (spoiler alert: More Felicity!) and what, or who, is actually helping Oliver maintain his secret identity!

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