4 Reasons We're Not Convinced Ben Higgins Should Be the Next Bachelor


Ben Higgins
is the rumored frontrunner for the next season of The Bachelor, but honestly, we were hoping for a different choice.

Although Higgins exclusively confirmed to ET on Tuesday morning that those casting conversations with ABC "haven't happened yet," he revealed that he would be open to being the next suitor.

"The opportunity is a great one," he said, "and from a 30,000 foot view I would have to consider it."

ABC has yet to officially confirm Higgins as the next leading man, but we're currently crossing our fingers that the 26-year-old software salesman will not be the next Bachelor, and here's why…

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1. Ben H. was kind of… boring.

No offense, Ben fans, but in our humble Bachelorette-loving opinion, we never really noticed the 6'4" hunk throughout this entire season – and that's saying something! Maybe that's because this season of The Bachelorette was packed with more douchebags and scene-stealers than ever before, but there's a difference between flying under the radar and being completely forgettable.

2. He's so young!

Not trying to be ageist here, but we think the next Bachelor should be someone more mature considering the show was initially designed for a man to find/potentially propose to his future wife. Ben, who secretly celebrated his birthday on The Bachelorette, is a fresh-faced 26-year-old who describes marriage as "a total sacrifice." We understand that there are plenty of mid-twenties guys out there who are ready to tie the knot, but considering the series' track record is 24 failed relationships out of 29 attempts, we'd say that having a slightly older Bachelor with a little more life experience couldn't hurt.

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3. We should start fresh with a brand-new Bachelor.

We completely understand the appeal of plucking a rejected suitor as the next Bachelor. The audience already feels like they have a relationship with said suitor, and when he/she is rejected, viewers want to see a second chance for a happily ever after. But enough is enough -- pick someone brand-new already! It would be nice to see a fresh face in the mix, not just an infinity loop of the same cookie cutter Caucasian guys and girls.

4. And on that note… Give us some diversity, ABC!

This is getting ridiculous, y'all. After 19 seasons of The Bachelor and 11 seasons of The Bachelorette, (that's 30 total for all you math-haters out there) every single love-searching lead of the series has been white. That's insane! It's 2015, ABC and even though Juan Pablo Gavaris was technically Latino, we all know that didn't really count as mixing things up. We would like to see a new, racially diverse Bachelor next season and, truthfully, it's unbelievable that this is even an issue we need to address.

Are you rooting for Ben Higgins as the next Bachelor? Would you like to see ABC finally feature a more diverse choice? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!