Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans: Inside Their Life After ‘Big Brother’ 20 (Exclusive)

The couple opens up their beachside home to ET for an exclusive tour and interview about life after the show.

Tangela, forever.

Only ET got an invite inside Big Brother 20 stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ new beachside condo for an exclusive tour and chat about life after reality TV. It’s been a little over two months since the pair, nicknamed “Tangela” during their season, left the Big Brother house, and they haven’t spent a day apart since. Angela admits she can only take “a few hours” away from Tyler.

“It was like, we got so comfortable with each other, then it was like getting comfortable again,” she says of moving in together in the real world. “So, it was like we went through it all over again like in our own space.”

Tyler never left Los Angeles after the finale, choosing to have all of his belongings shipped out from Hilton Head, South Carolina -- an island they’ve both called home before -- to move into Angela’s house.

“The odds of 16 people [on Big Brother] and two of them are from this island? It’s unreal,” Angela admits, showing off a giant map the duo has of Hilton Head. “It’s, like, what are the odds of that?”

“It’s 12 miles long and we never knew each other,” Tyler notes. “It’s so crazy.”

The pair has since moved into a new home, their first, real place together, and say they’re still figuring out life -- and each other -- after the show.

“She’s a weirdo,” Tyler lets slip. “She’s a lot quirkier than she let off in the Big Brother house. She hid it in there, but I like it. I like it a lot.”

The pair says an engagement is definitely in their future, but they’re not rushing to the altar. “These things happen naturally,” Tyler states. “This is the one, I already know that.”

Over the last few months, Tangela has watched all of their season (minus the finale), and admit to being pleasantly surprised at how they came off on the show. Tyler famously told host Julie Chen he thought the audience hated him after winning “America’s Favorite Houseguest.”

“I mean, I knew I was gonna be kinda, like, ‘the b***h,’” Angela shares. “And I was fine with that, but it's, like, the real person [came] out in the end … [Tyler] broke down the walls.”

“I'm thankful she made it long enough where they had no choice but to see the real Angela, you know?” Tyler says. “I just found it, I just found it.”

Another piece of the puzzle they’re still figuring out is how to handle how invested the viewers are in their lives.

“It's so much harder to get things done,” Angela confesses. “Like, when we go to the gym, there's constant distractions, social media. We were just joking the other day, Tyler was like, 'I can't get a good workout anymore because I'm just like constantly -- I can't even focus!' I'm like, 'Oh, I know.’ It's, like, everything we do in life is... there's this distraction, like we're either meeting someone that recognizes us, or just texting on our phones. It’s just 24/7.”

“This life is crazy,” she adds.

There’s an entire room of the house filled with fan gifts, many of which Tyler and Angela have yet to sort through. A handful of the items, including signs, cutting boards and picture frames emblazoned with their couple name, have found a spot in their house as they finish decorating, though Angela admits she wishes their portmanteau was a little different.

“I personally think it’s too much my name,” she laments, suggesting “Tygela” instead. “It needs to be more 50-50.”

“We got her whole name in there,” Tyler jumps in. “All I need is a T, that’s fine with me.”

The couple loves that people feel like they know them, but admit it can be a bit much because they don’t know the fans in that way. Angela calls it going “from 0 to 600.” Still, they’re grateful for all of it.

“You kinda have to accept the fact that everyone is gonna criticize, and everyone's gonna look at everything you do,” Angela comments. “You just kinda have to go the direction that people are positive, and just, like, focus on the positives.”

“It was such a successful season, and so many people followed, and it's like amazing to hear, but then it's like, OK, now we have these career opportunities that we can just go for out of nowhere,’” Tyler says. “So we're just trying to navigate that and see what the best route is for us. And just, teamwork makes the dream work.”

“It's been such a blessing to have such a platform that we can use to help give back and promote awareness for things that we believe in, too,” Angela adds.

The couple is saying “yes” to opportunities that make sense, but they’re not sure about doing more reality TV.

“It’s hard to go up from Big Brother,” Tyler notes. “It’s actually impossible because Big Brother is the best It’s, like, top tier. It was, like, life goal right there.”

“I'm open to the opportunity of doing [Big Brother] again,” Angela says. “But I will not do it without him. I could not be gone for three months. I would die. Like, I would self-evict.”

Big Brother will return for season 21 next summer. For more with Tangela -- including details from the “Level Six” group chat -- check out the videos above.

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