Watch Bryce Vine Tour the Set of His 'I'm Not Alright' Music Video (Exclusive)

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Bryce Vine is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the set of his new "I'm Not Alright" music video.

The New York-born artist took over ET Live for an exclusive set tour, and opened up about his new song while filming in the hills above Los Angeles.

"This music video is very special because I had to rely on so many people to make it happen," Vine explained. "It’s a collaboration between me and Loud Luxury. It started with us, and then bloomed with all these other people."

For his new track, and the stylish music video, Vine teamed up with the Canadian music duo Loud Luxury -- made up of DJs Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace -- who created the track together.

"We were both very excited to work with each other, and the very first day that we did work with each other, we came up with this song," Vine recalled. "It has just kind of taken different forms since then and now we’re here shooting the video for it. It's crazy how things work out."

As Vine invited ETLive's cameras to the big production -- which took place largely in and around an expansive estate in the hills -- he also opened up about the intent behind his new single.

"The song is about when you’re in a rut with somebody that you love, and you don’t know how to explain what is wrong with you," Vine shared. "I feel like everyone has been in that situation before.

"I feel like, if you’ve ever been in an unsuccessful relationship -- which is every relationship you’ve been in, except for the one you’re in -- then you’ve had this feeling before where you admit your imperfections and you kind of thrive on it," he shared.

Vine said he and Loud Luxury tried to tap into that universal experience, which is why his music resonates. "I think that’s what makes most of my music that it’s relatable," Vine said.

Touring the house, fans get a chance to see the amount of set-up and planning that went into the music video's party scenes and roof-top hang-outs filled with extras and all brought together by a hard working crew.

Watch the full video for Vine's "I'm Not Alright" below:


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