Wendy Williams Addresses Thyroid Issues and Marriage Breakup Rumors During Talk Show Return

The host returned to her show on Monday after an extended break.

Welcome back, Wendy Williams!

After taking an extended break from The Wendy Williams Show to manage complications from Graves' disease and a shoulder fracture, the host returned to her show on Monday, giving fans an update on her health.

"How you doing? I'm doing better now so let’s get started!" she began. "Thank you. I missed you too. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I hit the block today. I didn't know whether you would wait for me if you would understand. Thank you so much for waiting for us."

"What happened was, we were only supposed to be off for two weeks for Christmas vacation," she added. "Towards the end of the two weeks I was starting to feel thyroid issues. If you don’t know about them, it's a lifetime thing. They can really screw you over. So, they are adjusting my thyroid meds and the eyeballs are attached to the thyroid, which is my Graves' disease, and I always have equilibrium issues with my vertigo. I'm the kind of patient, if I cough, I am thinking, 'I am dying. I know I've gotten to that point.'"

Williams continued on, giving a shoutout to all the doctors who helped her recover and make her "feel 25" again on the inside.

"I am happy to tell you I am doing swell," Williams, 55, exclaimed. "I'm at home and taking my thyroid meds and meditating and believe me, I am going to the gym seven days a week for two hours a day. Mother has not gained a pound!"

Later in the show, Williams also set the record straight on rumors that her marriage with husband Kevin Hunter is failing, amid reports that he allegedly had a years-long affair with a massage therapist.

"I want to shout out to my husband. I'm still wearing my ring," she said. "He's my best friend, he's my lover, he's all this and he's all that. I know what you've been seeing and I know what the streets have been talking about."

"I am still very much in love with my husband," she added. "Anybody who's been married for five minutes or 500 years, you know! Marriages are not easy. Don't ask me about mine until you see this [ring] gone. And it ain't going anywhere. Not in this lifetime."

A source told ET that Williams' husband was backstage at the show on Monday for her return, and notes that it's not unusual for him to be at the studio with her.

The show revealed in a press release last month that Williams would be returning on March 4.

"We so appreciate all of the guest hosts and panelists who filled in for Wendy during this time," a statement read. "These people are, and always will be, true family to the show. And we want to thank all of the loyal and supportive fans who have been with us for 10 years now."

Hear more on her absence in the video below.