Wendy Williams Says She's Taking Back Control of Her Business Affairs After Kevin Hunter Split

Wendy Williams
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Wendy Williams is busy reclaiming her life after her split from estranged husband Kevin Hunter, and that means taking back control of her business empire.

The daytime talk show host spoke at the FWD conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, where she claimed that her ex had been keeping her out of the loop regarding issues related to her business during their marriage, 

However, after filing for divorce, Williams said she made sure to get deeply involved once again.

"You’ve gotta be at the ground floor of your operation," Williams said in a video first published by The Blast. "I don’t care how big you get."

"Don’t just rely on your team to bring back the information because you’re such a big shot and you don’t have to be there. No," Williams explained.

The 54-year-old TV personality and author -- who filed for divorce from her estranged husband on April 11 after nearly 22 years of marriage amid a high-profile cheating scandal -- explained that, for a long time during their marriage, Hunter would be the one to negotiate deals on her behalf and then she'd be brought in after the various arrangements or deals had already been made.

"Kev wouldn’t bring me in until he knew, 'OK, the deal’s done. Now it’s time for you to meet the people.' Not now," Williams shared with the audience. "I wanna be in on the first conversation of the deal, and I wanna be on every meeting until the deal is done. That’s the way I roll."

Williams, who shares a 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., with her ex, has taken numerous steps to distance herself financially from her estranged husband, including dissolving their non-profit charity The Hunter Foundation.

The family faced additional legal issues in May when Hunter Jr. was arrested for allegedly assaulting his father following an argument in West Orange, New Jersey. Watch the video below for the latest news regarding Wendy's ongoing divorce drama.


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