'Westworld': 13 Questions Before the Season 2 Finale


We're not in a dream -- the season two finale of Westworld is almost here. 

Over the last nine weeks, we've been taken on a train ride of epic proportions, as the hosts moved on from the maze and set their sights on the door. What that means, we can't tell you, other than Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) sees it as a weapon, Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) sees it as a method of escape to another world, and for some reason, the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is ready to destroy it. 

We're not ready for these violent delights to come to violent ends, but if it's going to happen, we'd at least like some answers. Here are 13 questions we have going into the season finale. 

Will Charlotte be able to trust Clementine not to turn on her? 

Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) was able to use Maeve's (Thandie Newton) code to make Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) control other hosts -- but how can she really ensure Clementine won't turn against her? 

Is the Man in Black a host? Is his daughter, Emily, human -- and really dead?

Killing his daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers) caused the Man in Black to question everything in episode nine, but he hasn't yet found what he was digging for. And while Emily claimed she wasn't a host, you just never know in Westworld. 

If the Man in Black is a host, how did he die?

We saw the attempted evolution of human to host with the Man in Black's father-in-law, James Delos (Peter Mullan), earlier this season. While the process didn't work because of Delos' illness before he died, we learned that humans need to be dead to be copied into a host form. So if the Man in Black is a host, how did he die? And is there more to the bathtub

Why was Teddy was dead in the water in the season premiere, alongside a bunch of other hosts? 

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) accepted responsibility for "killing" the hosts found dead in the water in the season premiere, but so far, we've only seen Teddy's tragic death. How did he end up with everyone else? 

Will any hosts make it through "the door" into the real world?

The Door! Akecheta preached it was a way out in the game-changing eighth episode, but will anyone actually get there? 

Is Akecheta the "father" of Maeve's daughter?

Why did Akecheta keep coming back to rescue Maeve's daughter? Some fans think it might be because she's his cornerstone, and he's her father. 

Is Ford gone for good? 

Bernard deleted Ford from his code, but something tells us Anthony Hopkins isn't quite done with Westworld. 

What was his "final game"? 

Episode nine saw Ford reunite with the Man in Black in the real world, handing him his profile card while uttering "one final game." Did he know Juliet would discover the card and end up killing herself (and lead the Man in Black to kill his daughter)? The maze wasn't for the Man in Black, and we're not sure what business he has with the door -- so what is this final game?

Will Bernard and Elsie reunite? 

The two said their goodbyes when Bernard realized Ford was making it awfully hard not to hurt Elsie (Shannon Woodward), and he had a mission he had to complete on his own. Where does Elsie end up now? We're not so sure. 

What happened to Bernard's memories? 

Bernard's memories have unraveled episode by episode since the season started, but one thing we haven't figured out is exactly why he's having so much trouble remembering. 

Whose consciousness ball did Bernard save? 

Bernard realized that Ford had him print a control unit for another human all the way back in episode 4, but we still haven't figured out who it is yet. Is it Ford? Arnold? The Man in Black? 

How will Maeve's ability to self-code help in the Valley Beyond?

Maeve is Maeve, so we don't believe for one second she won't find a way to get up off that table and rejoin the action as the hosts make their way to the Valley Beyond and reach the door. 

Will Maeve reunite with her daughter?

It's her cornerstone! How could she not? 

The season finale of Westworld airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Fans can continue the Westworld experience offscreen thanks to the new Amazon Alexa game, which you can check out here. And see what Wood told ET about the season in the video below!


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