'When Calls the Heart' Star Erin Krakow Breaks Social Media Silence Following Lori Loughlin's Termination

The actress shared a cryptic message of support to Twitter on Monday afternoon.

Erin Krakow returned to Twitter on Monday with a message of support.

When Calls the Heart  has faced a lot of turmoil in recent weeks after Hallmark Channel cut ties with star Lori Loughlin, and Krakow maintained social media silence since the college admissions scandal first broke on March 12.

Now, nearly a month later, the 34-year-old WCTH star -- who is also an executive producer on the show -- took to Twitter with a cryptic but heartfelt post.

Krakow shared a snapshot of a light pink rose in bloom, which she captioned with two comments in quotations.

"'You are always there for me'" followed by "'And I always will be'" alongside some heart emojis.

While Krakow's post was fairly innocuous, and she didn't mention her friend and co-star by name, many of the actress' fans and followers couldn't help but interpret the remarks as a declaration of support and friendship directed at Loughlin.

Krakow is the latest member of the When Calls the Heart cast to break their social media silence, however other stars -- such as Paul Greene and Pascale Hutton, among others -- were more keen to address the show's creative hiatus in the wake of Loughlin's termination.

Despite initial reports that WCTH would face cancellation, executive producer and co-creator Brian Bird quickly assured fans that the show would be returning after an indefinite hiatus to figure out how to deal with the developments from a narrative standpoint.

Last week, Bird doubled down on his promise that the show would keep going after a fan asked him on Twitter if he knew when When Calls the Heart would be back.

"Yes, but I guess you’ll just have to wait along with the rest of the #Hearties until we’re ready to announce it," Bird replied.

However, fans will soon be getting some new content from When Calls the Heart -- but it likely won't be a new episode, just yet. Hallmark will be airing a three-minute behind-the-scenes special about the show, which is scheduled to air at 2 p.m. on April 10.

When Calls the Heart announced the special on the show's Instagram Story, posting a special message from Bird, who promised fans they "really, really, do not want to miss it. Really."

When Calls the Heart/Instagram

Loughlin was taken into custody by FBI agents in Los Angeles on March 13 after being one of 50 people -- including her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, and fellow actress Felicity Huffman -- charged in a college admissions cheating scam, in which they allegedly paid money to fraudulently secure their children's admissions into elite universities.

For more on the ongoing legal drama surrounding the college admissions scandal, watch the video below.