Will Smith Works on 'Brand New' Relationship with His Son Trey on Latest Episode of 'Bucket List'

Will Smith, Trey Smith

Will Smith and his son Trey are heading to the racetrack in the latest episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List!

So far, he’s swam cage-free with sharks, bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon, ran a half marathon and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. It only makes sense that climbing into a race car would make this ambitious list. But when Will decided to try his hand at racing, he went all out -- taking his eldest son to Abu Dhabi to get some pointers from Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton before hitting the track.

And, although they share a love of fast cars, Will readily admits that bringing Trey along is also about rebuilding his relationship with his oldest son, who he had with ex-wife Sheree Zampino.

“This relationship with Trey is brand new,” the leading man admits in the new episode. “When you get divorced and start another family that had effects on Trey that we’re still healing and overcoming.”

“Really in the last two years has there been enough wisdom and emotional development to be able to lovingly address the issues,” he continues. “We’re diving into creating a divine, loving friendship.”

Later, the Aladdin star reveals that he’s always had a love of driving fast, which he managed to pass on to Trey — igniting a little competition between them.

“I grew up with serious racing dreams and desires that I was never able to fulfill,” Will admits to his son. “I always loved cars. Then when you were fifteen years old and you started driving the first thing I had you do was taking professional driving courses.” 

“Deep down inside I was going to live vicariously through you,” he explains. “And, as any good son would do, you threw it back in my face. Deep in the back of your mind you think you’re a better driver than me.”

So, after waving the flag at the Formula 2 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Will and Trey squared off to see who truly knows how to handle the famous racetrack. 

Back in November, while filming this episode, Will got on Instagram to discuss how his relationship with Trey has improved in recent years.

"So we've been doing this, hanging at the F1, and he said, 'You know what dad? I just realized you're not just my dad. I'm pretty sure you're my best friend," Will states in the clip. "I was like [exhales], 'Yeah man, prolly. Prolly.'"

“It has not always been like this between Trey & I," Will captioned the video. "We STRUGGLED FOR YEARS after my Divorce from his Mother. He felt betrayed & abandoned. It is a Wild Blessing to recover & restore a Loving Relationship with My Beautiful Son!”

Head over to Facebook Watch to see the pair bond and find out who won the face-off in the new episode of Will Smith’s Bucket list!


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