YouTubers Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy Launch New Clothing Line (Exclusive)

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YouTube stars Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy’s first-ever clothing line is here!

The duo -- who have been vlogging together on YouTube since 2015 and are members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad -- debuted their brand CANDE on Monday. Pronounced like the sweet treat, CANDE actually represents Carly and Erin’s initials, and reflects their own “girly-meets-streetwear” styles.

The collection features brightly colored T-shirts and hoodies with their logo and signature phrases emblazoned on the front. This is just a taste of what Carly and Erin have in store with CANDE, as they are already planning future drops for the line.

ET caught up Carly and Erin at their Los Angeles pop-up shop, where they shared the inspiration behind CANDE, what else they hope to release and more. 

Read on for our interview with the vlogger BFFs. 

ET: Congratulations on CANDE! What has the experience been like at the CANDE pop-up with Fanjoy?

Erin Gilfoy: It’s been so awesome. We had no idea what it was going to be like, so it was a wow moment, seeing all the merch up that took forever for us to finalize. 

Carly Incontro: And it’s so clean in there! It’s so organized.

EG: It’s like my dream closet.

What went into this process, and why did you decide to do a line rather than just put your names on a T-shirt?

EG: I don’t like cheesy YouTuber merch. I think it’s more our style to drop something we’d wear, as opposed to a T-shirt with my name across it. So we wanted to wear something that we both really liked, that we’d wear day-to-day.

CI: It’s definitely both of our styles too. Erin’s more streetwear, I’m more into crop tops, but we kind of overlap. Designing it, we wanted it to be a mix of both.

Obviously, David Dobrik has done great work with Fanjoy and making Clickbait a successful line. Did that inspire you or influence your decision to partner with Fanjoy on CANDE?

CI: I think seeing how involved they were... He was doing all these pop-ups, and, obviously, his merch is so successful. I guess it’s sort of similar. Clickbait is his brand now, which is sort of what we’re doing too.

EG: Also, when it came to picking who we wanted to work with, it’s nice to all be in the same family. If the opportunity arose, we could all be in it together.

How did you guys come up with the name CANDE?

EG: When we do brand deals, we get promo codes to give to people. I think it was for Adam & Eve.

CI: It was some random brand. We were like, that would be so cool on a shirt! We had to say, “Use our code C and E.” And we were like, wait, that sounds like candy, that’s kind of cool.

EG: Thank God that happened.

CI: And it goes with the style, too. I just think of chokers and girly things, which we like since we’re the girls of the group.

How much fun was it to conceptualize this line and come up with the different styles?

CI: It was fun. I mean, I feel like Erin has a different vision of exactly what she wants. So then I was like, “Oh I really like that.” The “Suck My A**” is very Limited Too.

EG: Because it is so vulgar, we had to make it more girly and fun. It was really fun. With the help of Fanjoy, they designed a lot of really great stuff that we would change to make more [the line] us.

This is the first drop for CANDE. Have you guys already been thinking about what’s coming out down the line?

EG: Yeah! We’ve designed so many things, but these are our first releases. We’re really excited to put out everything else, but we can’t say what they are!

CI: Classic YouTuber response. Big things coming!

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