'90 Day Fiancé': Daniele and Yohan Visit a Fertility Clinic and She Has High Expectations (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip, Daniele says she wants her egg donor to be Harvard-educated.

Daniele and Yohan are taking big steps to have a baby together. In this exclusive clip from next Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, 33-year-old Yohan and 43-year-old Daniele visit a fertility clinic and consult a doctor to learn more about the egg donor process, and they're told it's in their best interest to start the process immediately.

Yohan and Daniele have been trying to have a baby together but she hasn't gotten pregnant. In the clip, the couple learns about the egg donor process. Yohan asks the doctor if the baby will have any of Daniele's traits if she carries it, and the doctor tells him that while she will form the baby with her blood, genetically speaking, the baby won't have any of Daniele's genes if they use an egg donor. The baby will, however, have Yohan's genes.

"It bothers me that it won't be her kid, it would be a donor's," Yohan tells cameras. "There are many traits Daniele has that I would want my children to have, like her eyes, her nose. But not her temperament."

When the doctor asks what they want the baby to look like since he can't tell if Daniele's a blonde or a brunette, she cracks that she's "gray." She does note that she is more concerned with her donor's qualifications as opposed to her physical traits.

"I want her to be Harvard-educated, I have very high expectations," she says. "I care less about what she looks like and more about what she does for a living."

As for the process, the doctor says that once they agree on a donor, they could start it in just 15 days. The doctor tells the cameras that the process should definitely start sooner rather than later.

"If we start the process today the rate of success because of her age is around 65-75 percent," he says. "I would suggest to do it fast because the longer she waits, the rate will be lower throughout those years."

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