'90 Day Fiancé': Deavan Finds Naked Selfies of Multiple Women on Jihoon's Phone

Deavan can't shake the feeling that Jihoon has cheated on her.

Deavan's fears of her husband, Jihoon, being unfaithful to her are increasing. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, she reveals she found hundreds of images of naked women on his phone.

While at first Devan doesn't confront Jihoon about it, she instead awkwardly brings it up with his friends that she hardly knows when the couple meet up with them and he leaves the conversation to take care of their kids. His friends said Jihoon has changed for the better since becoming a husband and a father, and insisted that the naked photos were not a big deal. One friend admitted to cameras that he also downloads photos of naked women. Still, Deavan had her reservations, explaining that she was concerned because the photos were selfies, meaning that she thought the women personally sent them to him.

Eventually, Deavan brought up the photos with Jihoon, who was clearly embarrassed. He told cameras that he and Deavan didn't have sex a lot, and that the pictures were just an outlet for his sexual desires and nothing more. But Devan told him that she considered masturbating to other women cheating. Jihoon promised he wouldn't do it anymore and said he would "cut his own d**k" if he did.

Still, Deavan was disturbed when during the conversation, she asked him if he ever cheated on her or his past girlfriends. Jihoon insisted that he never cheated on Deavan, however, he did admit to cheating on one ex because they didn't have sex in three months. Deavan said she was worried because during their long-distance relationship -- before she moved from Utah to Korea to be with him -- they were apart for more time than that. By the end of the episode, Devan couldn't shake her lingering doubts, though Jihoon noted that the past was the past.

For more on Jihoon and Deavan this season, watch the video below.