'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Jasmine Tells Gino She Cheated on Him With Her Ex Dane and Has Video (Exclusive)

Gino shockingly called Jasmine a 'wh**e' during their explosive fight.

Jasmine and Gino had yet another explosive fight on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and Jasmine shockingly told Gino that she filmed a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Dane, just one month ago. Gino said he was "done" with Jasmine and called her a "w**re."

Jasmine and Gino have not been getting along during his visit to Panama ahead of their marriage. During Sunday's episode, Jasmine expressed her frustration at her K-1 visa taking time to get approved and asked Gino if he was willing to pay for her apartment in Panama until she's able to come to America. Gino wanted her to get a cheaper apartment but Jasmine insisted that Gino could afford it and it was just another example of him not prioritizing her in his life. When Gino said she sounded "spoiled," it set Jasmine off and she accused Gino of spending much more money on other people including his ex, calling him "a f**king piece of trash." When Jasmine started throwing his things and kicked him out, Gino surprisingly fought back and threw her stuff on the ground as well. This led to Jasmine getting hysterical, crying and yelling at him that he was "a cheap weirdo."

Later, Jasmine eventually came out of her room to talk to Gino, though she was still crying hysterically. She told him she was "so tired" and felt like he didn't want to be with her. Gino said she never gave him credit for financially supporting her for the past two and a half years, but Jasmine said she didn't feel supported when it came to her anxiety about moving to the U.S. Gino said he was trying to give her all the love he could but put his foot down about spending so much money for her high-end apartment in Panama. 

During their confessional to cameras, the two continued to argue when Gino said her and his family held equal priority. Jasmine insisted that she should come first and called him a "f**king idiot" and said she wanted to stop filming. Gino eventually walked out as they cursed at each other but the fight only escalated from there. Jasmine called his family "trash" and then said she was going to "f**k my ex that knows how to f**k me."

"He's the best man that I have ever had and I'm going back to him," she told him. "He is the most important person in my life."

When Gino told her to "go to hell," Jasmine then claimed she had a video of her having sex with her ex, Dane, that was from only a month ago. Gino shockingly called her a "w**re" in retaliation. Jasmine claimed to cameras she was done with Gino.

"I don't want to see Gino. I don't even want to be breathing the same oxygen," she said. "This is it. This is it."

ET spoke to Jasmine in May, and she gave a coy answer when asked whether or not she cheated on Gino this season.

"Oh, well, a lot is happening and you know, people have different definitions of cheating," Jasmine told ET. 

She did acknowledge she would be "pissed" if Gino did what she did and admitted that throwing her ex in Gino's face was "low."

"It was very, very bad. You don't tell that to a man -- even if that was true or not, that was the lowest of the low," she admitted. "Now that I'm saying it, I was like, my goodness I can't believe it and this is what I'm talking about. When I get mad, I know people and I know what word I should use to hurt them badly, you know? And I use those words because I'm very articulated when I'm mad." 

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