'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Jibri Brutally Calls Out Ariela and Says Her and Biniyam's Marriage Won't Last

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Jibri had no problem slamming fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Ariela during part one of this season's tell-all special that aired on Sunday. Jibri bluntly told Ariela that she was holding her husband, Biniyam, back and also clashed with fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Patrick's equally outspoken brother, John.

Jibri and Ariela first started butting heads when Jibri's issues with his mother this season came up, who didn't approve of the way he handled his wedding to Miona and didn't end up attending. Ariela took Jibri's mom's side and said perhaps Jibri wasn't giving her the proper attention or that Miona came off defensive.

Jibri fired back, "So, you think my mom is jealous? You're the most jealous person on this whole cast, so how you gonna say my mom's jealous? You jealous of everything."

When the topic of jealousy was again later brought up, the cast was incredulous when Ariela claimed she wasn't overly jealous considering a memorable scene this season when she heatedly confronted Biniyam's female MMA training partner. Jibri said Ariela "can't do that."

"He's trying to pursue his dreams," Jibri told her. "So the more jealous you get, it's just gonna hold y'all back and y'all not gonna work out -- because he's gonna reach to the top, but you're preventing him from getting there."

When Ariela said that she actually helps Biniyam with his MMA career but also urges him to just be realistic, Jibri argued that she was "pessimistic" about it.

"Nah, you're holding him back," he said. "You hating. You gotta stop. The overprotective, overbearing stuff that you're talking about, it's gonna hinder."

Ariela noted that Jibri felt everyone was jealous of him, including his own mother, and that he should be realistic too. Jibri didn't agree and reiterated, "She's holding him back."

Jibri and Ariela clashed again when he bluntly told her he didn't think her and Biniyam's marriage was going to last.

"Y'all fake, ya'll ain't gonna work out," he said. 

Ariela then called attention to Jibri's flashy suit covered in sequins, firing back, "Oh, we're fake? Says the man in the million dollar suit."

Not backing down despite the tension, Jibri flat out said he didn't think Ariela's marriage to Biniyam was going to last because he outshined her.

"I feel like a million dollars, you're gonna be mad when your man's wearing a million dollar suit, watch," he told her. "I know they're not gonna work out, it's not an 'I don't think.' She too jealous. You're holding him back. She's holding you back, bro. You a star, you know what I mean? And you're gonna get there. And she's holding you back, she's not a star. She's dimming your light. I'm just being real with you."

Later, an amped-up Jibri got into it with John when John was brought to the stage to talk about his brother Patrick and his now sister-in-law, Thaís. Jibri accused John of being drunk and questioned how much he had to drink and John fired back by calling him "sparkles" due to his suit.

"Your sparkles are blinding me, bro," John hit back. "I don't know if I can focus up in here."

Jibri again chimed in when John said Patrick was "whipped."

"You're whipped, you're happy, you're gonna have a happy family," he told Patrick. 

"You won't," he added, pointing at John. "Your a** will never. I feel bad for you, bro. You a joke, you a joke."

Jibri and John continued to go at it.

"You're lonely at home drinking 6-packs of beer playing video games," Jibri told him. "Chill."

In a preview of part two of the tell-all special airing on Sunday, Jibri and John clash yet again backstage and Jibri threatens to "knock him out."


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