'90 Day Fiancé': Ximena Reveals the Shocking Way She Really Met Mike as He Refuses to Leave Her House

Turns out Mike has been lying the whole time about how he met Ximena.

Big revelations are coming out amid Mike and Ximena's brutal breakup. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, their breakup got even nastier and Ximena revealed the true way she and Mike met, which he didn't want known.

After Ximena ended it with Mike, he abruptly ran from the restaurant and Ximena told cameras she didn't feel good with him, which is why she broke it off. She noted that while her two kids would have a good future with Mike, she also didn't want to be unhappy. Mike said he was "devastated" and that he didn't know what he did wrong. He suspected that Ximena was using him for money during their year and a half relationship. He eventually returned to the restaurant and Ximena once again told him she was not in love with him.

"I don't want to hurt you, our relationship is over and that's it," she told him. 

Although she wanted him to stay at a hotel that night, Mike asked her to let him continue to stay at her house. He told cameras he still loved her.

"I'm just like, hurt, frustrated," he said. "It seems like this whole past year has been a waste because I put so much into this. I love this girl. I eventually want to marry her and it's really hurtful and sad that she doesn't feel the same way." 

The next morning, Mike said he felt the relationship wasn't over since she let him stay at the house until his flight back to New York. But his hope was crushed when she gave him back his engagement ring. Mike didn't want to take the ring back and said he wanted to work out their differences. Ximena said no, and once again told him that their relationship was over and that she didn't want the ring. Mike said she was losing the best thing she's ever had, and she replied that her two sons will always be the most important thing to her and she doesn't care about the rest. Mike then told her he was able to keep her and her children off the streets by giving her money but she disagreed, saying she would have found another way and can still work as a model.

Ximena told cameras that from the beginning, she never forced Mike to give her money and that she was capable of making her own money. Mike then asked her what type of modeling she was going to do, and if she was going to go back to "that adult internet job." Ximena then dropped a bombshell about how she and Mike really met. He previously said they met on a dating app.

"What's wrong with that?" she said about her modeling. "You met me while I was working."

Ximena told cameras she met Mike while working as a webcam model on a website.

"Mike is a little uncomfortable with people knowing I met him through a webcam site but the truth is he was always, every day he was there," she said. "And one day he said, get out of there and I'll help you. And from then on, he started helping me."

Meanwhile, Mike continued to tell Ximena all the ways he could have helped her, including getting her a better job in New York, but she said she never wanted to live in America with him and always wanted to stay in Colombia. When Mike asked her why she was being so cold, she said they could either be friends or enemies, but the bottom line was that she didn't want to be with him. When Mike told her he used her for money, she got upset and reiterated that she didn't want his help and that he should no longer give her anything. She then told him to stay at a hotel but he refused, telling her that he wasn't going to go since he helped her pay rent for the house. But Ximena wasn't having it.

"I'm tired of you criticizing me and throwing everything in my face, man," she heatedly told him. "You leave today. You're leaving."

Mike was clearly emotional when a producer asked if he was OK.

"She can be an adult entertainment model for all I care," he said. "She's a mean, evil, cold b**ch."

The argument continued to escalate when Mike refused to leave and said he wanted to say goodbye to her sons, and she didn't want to let him talk to them. When Mike called her "stupid," Ximena yelled and left the room in anger, which is when her sister, Zuleny, stepped in. She said Mike should go to a hotel that night and if he wanted to, he could come back in the morning and say goodbye to her family.

"It's just you, your mom, your dad, you were all so nice to me," Mike told her, breaking down in tears.

Meanwhile, Ximena also got emotional and hugged her mom in a different room.

"Mom, he's so rude," she said.

ET recently spoke with Mike, and he shared that he's given Ximena around $15,000 since they started dating. He also said he wasn't sure if Ximena was genuinely attracted to him.

"From the episodes, I don't know really how I feel," he said. "Because I can't really judge her too well, but from what she was saying, looking back now onto that episode, I'm wondering in my head if she really ever did love me."

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