'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine and Gino React to 'Most Toxic' Label From Castmates, Claims She's Abusive (Exclusive)

The pair's love story will continue in Michigan in the upcoming season of '90 Day Fiancé.'

90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine and Gino hear what the people are saying in regard to their relationship. During the last season of Before the 90 Days, fans -- and fellow castmates -- witnessed the ups and downs the couple faced as Gino spent time in Panama.

The couple fought about expenses, their desire to have children together, and even an alleged sex video, that led to their breakup and re-proposal

After a cliffhanger that left fans wondering if Jasmine would finally join Gino in Michigan, she made her surprise arrival at the Tell-All -- and the response was cold like the weather in her new home state. 

"I went to the studio, it was a secret nobody knew except for the producers that I made it to America," Jasmine tells ET's Melicia Johnson in an exclusive sit-down. "I was so excited and I was like, 'Oh gosh, the other couples, they are gonna be so happy because they’re gonna meet me in person and I’m gonna surprise everyone.' They were together talking and when I hear what they were saying, it breaks my heart, I was so sad."

Jasmine says that the comments about being "the most toxic" couple made the experience worse. 

"I love everyone, I wanna start by saying that," she says. "All of the other couples, the people that were in our season, they are all amazing. We have a lot of heat from social media, from everywhere and it was kind of painful for me. I’m used to get it from outsiders, but then listening to my own people -- that they know what we've been through being on TV -- and they were saying those things, that weren’t true by the way. But it hurt me."

When it comes to the toxic claims, Jasmine says that the people are entitled to believe what they want, but there is no competition in the 90 Day universe. 

"Well, they're entitled to have their own opinion," she says. "I think it is not a contest and coming from them it's not very fair because they all show traits of toxicity either as individuals or as a couple like all of us, you know? So we cannot point at each other."

As for the viewers, Jasmine admits that she understands their perspective. 

"I agree with viewers," she says about the claims. "I understand where they’re coming from and I’ve been very outspoken about yes our relationship is toxic and we are working hard on it. We know that we still have to make a lot of progress, but one thing is for certain, the love that we have for each other is genuine. I really care about him and I love him. He’s the love of my life and I’m quite sure he love me too."

Both Jasmine and Gino can admit to the toxicity in their love, but when it comes to the claims of verbal abuse, Gino doesn't agree. 

"I think that is more like she has a lot of passion," Gino says. "She’s very passionate and she’s really in love. I believe, and she’s showing her love and her passion when it appears to be toxicity."

Jasmine adds, "It has never been my intention to be abusive toward Gino. As much as I did appreciate you saying it's passion, I don’t want you calling me passionate because I clearly see what the situation is. My anger management issues. It's very hard for me to control my emotions at the moment, at the heat of the moment, and I always regret how I behave. I’m trying my best and it has never been my intention to hurt him either with my actions or my words."

Despite their turbulent love story, Gino is certain that it's all love and they aren't the only people to experience it. 

"A lot of people in relationships have difficulties and so we do too," he says. "But if you watch us, you can see that we are truly in love with each other."

Gino and Jasmine's love hit a major test as it was revealed that Jasmine was still in contact with her ex-boyfriend, Dane. During one of her and Gino's heated arguments, Jasmine claimed that she made a sex video with her ex -- one month before Gino's arrival in Panama.

Though it wasn't true, it came out during the first part of the Tell-All that Jasmine had a Valentine's Day dinner with Dane. 

"That was kind of shocking when I found out Jasmine was having this dinner," Gino says. "I was definitely shocked and concerned about that and not very happy about that."

Jasmine still says that she didn't pay attention to the date, and that it was just a goodbye dinner between two friends. 

"I didn't know when he set up the date," Jasmine says, holding on to the claims. "He said like, you know, I'm gonna be leaving, because he was going to Africa, and then to Australia. He was gonna be gone from Panama and then it was like by the time you come back, I won't be here because my visa just got approved. And he said, "Well, I think this is the goodbye. Maybe we won't see each other.'"

Dane is engaged and, according to Jasmine, rooting for their love to go all the way.

"He's Team Gino and Jasmine," she tells ET. "He knows how much I love Gino and he wished us the best. He wanted us to be together, to get married."

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé premieres Oct. 8 on TLC.