'90 Day: The Last Resort' Recap: Angela Disturbingly Bullies Liz and Big Ed Takes Her Side

Big Ed and Angela's antics are threatening to ruin the other couples' experiences of wanting to take therapy seriously.

Despite participating in 90 Day: The Last Resort to save her own relationship, Angela caused chaos with the other couples on Monday's episode. Angela stepped in during a fight between Big Ed and Kelly, which somehow ended in her getting into Liz's face and bullying her and Ed not defending his own fiancée.

Ed and Kelly fought over Ed calling him a "b**ch" not once, but twice, which Kelly obviously took offense to. The first time was when Ed bizarrely cheated during a couples therapy game, and again when Kelly confronted him about it while they were all relaxing in a hot tub. After Ed called him a b**ch a second time, Kelly left the hot tub along with Molly and when Ed wouldn't stop talking, Angela splashed water in his face, which got on Liz too. Liz said she didn't want to be blamed for not sticking up for Ed because Ed did cheat during the game. 

"I don't think Kelly should be attacking Ed but Ed does tend to run his mouth a lot and Ed has to learn his consequences," she told cameras. "This is one of the reasons Ed and I are here. He doesn't learn from any of his mistakes and he should not be defended right now."

But someone who did try to stick up for Ed was Angela. Liz was obviously upset and walked out of the hot tub as well, and said Angela and Ed should just have a conversation among themselves. Liz then told Angela that she "talked over everybody." At this point, Angela got irrationally angry, jumping out of the hot tub and repeatedly calling her a "b**ch." 

"Don't walk away now, I'm not Ed," Angela told her. "You're gonna run your f**king mouth, I don't deserve what you just said. ... Don't ever f**king talk to me like that again."

When Liz noted that she was calm and Angela was the only one that was angry, Angela got in her face and aggressively yelled at her.

"Cry now," Angela told her. "Cry now, b**ch."

Even when a resort worker intervened, Angela attempted to go after Liz, yelling, "I'll jump an orange b**ch." Back at her hotel room, Liz said that it was "always the Angie show or Ed show." Ed told cameras he actually felt good about Liz's "a** getting served to her." He said he felt good because nobody had ever stood up for him like Angela did. The next morning, Liz and Ed continued to argue. Liz got mad that Ed didn't defend her and he was also mad she didn't defend him. Liz eventually walked out as their fight escalated.

"Run away, run," Ed said, clearly mocking her.

Ed continued to eat his breakfast unbothered, while Liz called her mom on the phone sobbing. Liz eventually walked back into the room and said she didn't deserve to be treated how Angela treated her and that Ed hurt her feelings by cheating on the therapy exercise because he wasn't taking it seriously.

"You want me to have your back, Ed, it is so hard," she said. "You drown me emotionally, you don't ever let me speak."

Ed apologized and admitted he didn't listen to her. He said he would take therapy seriously from now on, but Liz was skeptical and doubted their future plans of moving to Arkansas together.

"Right now a part of me just wants to call it quits," Liz said. "Ed says he wants to change but he doesn't realize he's running out of chances real fast."

Meanwhile, a therapist talked to Angela about her role in the incident. Angela said she was triggered by Liz saying she talks over her because of her own issues with her husband, Michael. She also noted she worked at a prison and always carried that mentality with her. She admitted she has problems expressing herself, but noted she doesn't have the support that everyone else has. She said she did want to learn a better way to communicate instead of getting upset.

ET talked to Big Ed and Liz about this season on 90 Day: The Last Resort and they reacted to the backlash they received from fans who no longer want to see them in the franchise due to their multiple breakups.

"If you feel my skin, it's like leather," Ed said of all the criticism. "So, I've been beaten up since day one being on Before the 90 Days and I didn't deal with it then very well, actually. Ended up in counseling, but my brother would always tell me, 'Look, if you want to live with your head in the gutter, that becomes your life,' which means don't read your comments."

Liz reiterated that the two didn't care about anyone's opinions if they didn't know them personally.

"Basically doesn't matter," she said bluntly. "If you don't have our number, we don't care about your opinion."