All 8 'Harry Potter' Movies Are Leaving HBO Max: Here's Where You Can Watch Them Again

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Expelliarmus. As of Tuesday, HBO Max is already saying goodbye one of its biggest franchises. All eightHarry Potter films are departing the recently launched streaming service, meaning if you've been putting off signing up for HBO Max and still watch Harry Potter, you'll have to go somewhere else to do it... after a bit of a wait.

Another new streaming service, Peacock, (which has a free and paid tiers) will have the films in October for some amount of time, before spending a few months on NBCUniversal's TV and cable channels, ultimately coming back to Peacock in 2021.

Alongside Friends and the Studio Ghibli films, Harry Potter is one of several mega-popular properties on HBO Max. Additionally, the platform offers several new originals, as well as many classic rewatchable movies and TV shows from the Warner Bros. catalog, on top of what you were already watching if you had HBO Go or HBO Now.

Meanwhile, for everything else you can watch on HBO Max, here are some details. Right now, the platform is available to new users for $14.99 a month, and free for certain existing AT&T, HBO Now and Spectrum customers (click here to find out if that's you). Unfortunately, if you pay for HBO Now through your Roku or Amazon device, you currently can't access the HBO Max app. To find out if you have access, visit HBO Max's website.Also, be sure to check out our complete guide for what to watch on HBO Max, including a new Amy Schumer docuseries, Anna Kendrick's Love Life,The Big Bang Theory, Rick & Morty, and of course, Friends.

For more on how HBO Max differs from HBO Now and HBO Go, watch the video below.


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