'America's Got Talent': 2 Golden Buzzer Winners Compete for a Spot in the Finals in 2nd Live Results Show!

See who moved on to the next round of season 18 and who's 'AGT' journey came to an end during Wednesday's 2nd live results show.

*Warning: Spoilers for Wednesday's 'America's Got Talent' live results show ahead!

The final votes for night 2 of America's Got Talent's qualifying rounds were revealed on Wednesday, during the live results show, sending another nine hopefuls packing, while two more acts took another step toward victory.

The show's stalwart stars -- including judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, as well as host Terry Crews -- came together once again, to see how America felt about Tuesday's performances.

Reflecting on the eclectic variety of acts they'd seen the night before, Simon said at the start of Wednesday's show, " Looking back, it was like the craziest milkshake in the world, with all of these different things, [but] my favorite kind of milkshake. I absolutely loved last night! Really, really brilliant."

Meanwhile, Sofia also addressed the stand-up comic who had flirted with her the night before, when Terry asked what she looks for in a partner.

"I think just what every girl wants," Sofia shared, "Someone healthy, someone handsome, someone that has a great sense of humor. Someone that is happy with himself."

"I am married," Howie exclaimed, eliciting laughs from the audience.

While the judges had fun, it was up to Terry to share the news of who made the Top 5, meaning six hopefuls would be getting the axe almost off the bat.

Ultimately, it was revealed that the Top 5 acts of the night included stand-up comic Ahren Belisle -- the comic who had shared some flirty exchanges with Sofia last night -- 12-year-old singer Alfie Andrew, kid magician Ryland Petty, and two different Golden Buzzer recipients -- Chioma & the Atlanta Drum Academy and epic dance crew Murmuration.

This meant America voted to bid farewell to the Sharpe Family Singers, gymnastic acrobatic trio Three G, modern dancer Erica Coffelt, country songstress Dani Kerr, sword swallower Andrew Stanton, and comedy glam rock band Steel Panther.

However, only two could go through from the Top 5, and to the delight of everyone in the audience, the first to move on was comedian Ahren Belisle.

Ahren lives with cerebral palsy and is non-verbal, thus he delivers his comedy via a speech-to-text app on his phone, and still managed to blow the roof off the place with his sense of humor.

"I feel amazing," Ahren told Terry, after finding out he'd be moving on. "It's [going to be] another chance to make people laugh... [and] tell my story."

Meanwhile, the second slot in the finals was filled by the mind-bending dance crew Murmuration, who'd gotten Howie's Golden Buzzer during the auditions, and the judge was overwhelmed with excitement for their success.

"I feel amazing! [And] I'm not surprised," Howie marveled. "This is what I exactly love about AGT -- So many other shows have singers, dancers -- what AGT gives you is originality, perfection, a great message. Love this show, and I love you!"

Next week, 11 more contestants who made it through the auditions and the judges' cuts will hit the stage for a second chance at wowing the voting public.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.