Ashley Iaconetti on Whether She'll Get Back Together With Jared Haibon After Kevin Wendt Breakup (Exclusive)

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There may still be hope for romance between Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. 

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the Bachelor alum at the Boohoo Block Party with Zendaya at the Dream Hollywood on Wednesday, where she opened up about her recent breakup with Kevin Wendt after Bachelor Winter Games -- and whether she's open to rekindling her relationship with Haibon. 

"Kevin and I are really good friends. We’ll continue to be in each other’s lives in some regard, and he’s just like, the best guy," Iaconetti said of her ex, just weeks after calling it quits. "[He's] the sweetest guy, who just wants to shower a girl with love and affection and emotional protection and real protection, like, all the good stuff that you want in a husband." 

"[We just didn't have] that connection there where I thought it was my husband," she added. 

Iaconetti and Wendt opened up about their split on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast last week, confirming that the struggle of dating long-distance dimmed the "magic" of their Winter Games relationship.

"It was definitely my first official relationship," Iaconetti told ET. "It definitely teaches you what you want in your next relationship. It's all a building process to get you where you're supposed to be in the end." 

"I think that the last one was maybe a little too serious right off the bat, and I need a little more flirty banter, a little bit more playfulness," she added. 

The brunette beauty has remained friends with Jared Haibon since their romance on Bachelor in Paradise, with many fans hoping that her breakup with Wendt leaves the door open for a reconciliation with Haibon. 

"Time will only tell," Iaconetti said, revealing that she brought Haibon with her at the event on Wednesday. A source tells ET the two have been spending lots of time together lately and staying close. Haibon moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast a few months ago.

"Sure, [I'm open to that]," she acknowledged -- but insisted she and Haibon won't give it another go on TV. "I’m going to go ahead and say [I won't be] a cast member on any more Bachelor shows. If they want me to come back for cameos, [I'm] all for it, but not a cast member on The Bachelor again."

See more on Iaconetti in the video below. 


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