'Bachelor' Alum Kendall Long Says She's Moving In With 'Grocery Store' Joe, 'Talking' Engagement (Exclusive)

The blonde beauty says she and Joe Amabile aren't 'afraid' to take the next step.

Kendall Long and "Grocery Store" Joe Amabile are planning their next step. 

The Bachelor in Paradise couple is serious about their relationship -- so serious, in fact, that they're getting ready to move in together. 

"After [the Dancing With the Stars] tour, we're planning to move in together in Los Angeles. We're thinking maybe West Hollywood," Long told ET at the 2019 iHeartRadio ALTer Ego concert at The Forum in Inglewood on Saturday. "Right now, Los Angeles has good weather and my family's there and works there, so it just makes sense right now."

The blonde beauty has been traveling with Amabile through part of his tour on the east coast, determined to make their relationship work. "I was on tour with him for New York, for Radio City [Music Hall], so now I'm going to be meeting him in a week to do the rest of the tour in Philadelphia and Buffalo, so I'm going to be in the bus for a week," she shared. 

"[Being long distance] is a little bit difficult. I think the longest we haven't seen each other is about a week, so we're quite obsessed with each other," Long joked. "We travel to make it work. I've been to New York these past two months probably three or four times just to see him on tour."

As for whether engagement is on horizon for the couple -- who met and broke up, then rekindled their relationship on Bachelor in Paradise last summer -- Long said it's something she and Amabile have been "talking about our entire relationship." 

"It's not something we're afraid of, but it's something that right now we want to make sure we have a solid place that we're living [in], and work-wise things can be solid, and then we're going to kind of move forward in that way," she explained. "But we're definitely not afraid of it. We're excited!" 

Long's ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr., meanwhile, just married his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, in a gorgeous Hawaii wedding attended by several Bachelor alums. Long admitted that she wasn't invited to the event, but completely understood -- "I was final three, so it would be a little awkward," she reasoned -- and said that she wishes them well. 

"I do love both of them," she expressed. "I talk to Becca [Kufrin] and Lauren. I don't talk to Arie, but, you know, I feel like it's best that way. All the girls are good. There's no resentment. There's a baby on the way [for Arie and Lauren]. [Becca, Lauren and I] are in love [in our relationships], so it ended up really great."

Long is so focused on her relationship that she and Amabile have some projects in the works together. "A lot of exciting things are happening, and I think we're more sort of excited to work together in the same city," she gushed. "That's our main focus."

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Reporting by Emily Krauser. 


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