'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Carly Waddell Calls 'Bachelorette's Luke P. a 'Horrible Monster' (Exclusive)

There are few fans of 'Bachelorette' contestant Luke P. in the world -- and Carly Waddell isn't one of them.

There are few fans of Bachelorette contestant Luke P. in the world -- and Carly Waddell isn't one of them. 

The Bachelor in Paradise alum and her husband, Evan Bass, joined ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday's Roses and Rose Live, where Carly called Luke a "horrible monster" for his behavior on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season. 

Monday's episode of the ABC dating show featured Luke freaking out over Hannah deciding to bungee jump naked on a date with another contestant. Luke told the Bachelorette that her body was a temple, and that her bungee jump was a "boneheaded" mistake which felt like a slap in the face to him. 

"There's so much wrong with that conversation," Evan said. "Like, he doesn't get to say that. He can't say that stuff. That's ridiculous." 

"I mean, I've dated the controlling, manipulative guy, and I tell [Evan] all the time, 'This is the guy I dated! This is like, this horrible monster!' And it's so awful," Carly added. "She's the Bachelorette. She can do whatever she wants. If you don't want to be there, go home! He was already kicked off. Why is he back?"

"He's a horrible monster man," she repeated. 

During a later confrontation on Monday's episode, Luke told Hannah that she misunderstood what he was trying to say, and that he just wanted to express how he felt without shaming her for the decision. She was clearly frustrated by the exchange, but decided to give him a rose at the rose ceremony. 

"I feel like he's actually trying. Like, he's not just coasting. He's really doing some internal work. The problem is he's just got way too much work to do for her," Evan shared. "[He needs to work] on everything."

"I think she's just stuck on what she first liked... She said, 'I see good in you.' That's where she's stuck, but there's like, five percent good, and the rest, crazy," Carly chimed in. 

Evan suggested that Luke -- who admitted in an Instagram post that he's learning a lot about himself and his flaws while watching the series -- should "just take some personal time." 

"We can't judge his intentions -- I mean, we can, and we will on Twitter, of course -- but still, everything that comes out is just so manipulative. I just wish she would get rid of him. Although the question is, if she got rid of him, what would this season be like? Super boring!" Evan said with a laugh. 

Carly and Evan -- who married in 2017 after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, and now share a 1-year-old daughter with another baby on the way -- are hoping Hannah finds her success story with Tyler C. After previously admitting to being fans of Jed (that all changed with his alleged girlfriend scandal) the pair are big fans of Tyler, as well as Mike, whom they're hoping will be the next Bachelor. 

As for their own lives, the pair are preparing for their second child together while Carly co-hosts a podcast, Mommies Tell All, with Jade Roper, and just launched a jewelry line called Reviver Jewelry. See more on the couple in the video below. 

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