Ben Affleck Impresses the Internet by Speaking Spanish in New Interview

The actor-director flawlessly spoke in Spanish while promoting 'Air.'

Ben Affleck's a jack of all trades, and apparently a master at all of them!

The 50-year-old actor wowed the world recently when he flawlessly gave an interview in Spanish to promote Air, the biopic about Nike's groundbreaking collaboration with Michael Jordan (now in theaters). A snippet of the interview, conducted by the radio station, Cadena SER, made the rounds on social media, and just about everyone was blown away at how deftly and eloquently he spoke in Castilian Spanish, perhaps as an homage to Spain, home of the radio station that conducted the interview.

During the interview, Affleck spoke about the reason why the NBA legend was not cast in the film, as well as the three things that were most important to Jordan if Affleck was to move forward with the making of the film. While explaining the decision not to cast someone to portray Jordan, Affleck said he wanted to avoid the audience seeing someone play Jordan and think the movie suddenly was not authentic, thus leaving the impression that the film's mierda, which is slang for "s**t."

Affleck, who directed Air and portrays Nike founder Phil Knight, had very little trouble conveying his thoughts. The only hiccup, albeit a small one, came when he couldn't remember how to translate the word "character."

It appears the interviewer quickly reminded him it's personaje, and Affleck immediately caught on and continued the conversation. Affleck's BFF Matt Damon, on the other hand, gave the same radio station an interview in English!

As one can imagine, fans dropped comments on the radio station's TikTok account to commend Affleck's fluency in Spanish.

One person wrote, "😳😳😳😳😳este men habla mejor el espanol que yo 😳😳😳," which translates to "this man speaks better in Spanish than I do." Another person wrote, "Cómo puede habla tan bien español!!!! magníficooo," which translates to "How can someone speak Spanish so well!!! Magnificent!!!"

For those wondering, Affleck revealed during a March 2020 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he learned Spanish when he was 13, after spending a year in Mexico to film a kids' TV series. He told Clarkson that he speaks it passively, but fans are wholly convinced he's fluent.

And it shows!