'Big Brother' 24: Double Eviction Caps Off Split House Twist That Left the Leftovers Over

Kyle on Big Brother 24

It's been a long, frustrating week in (and out) of the 'Big Brother' house, and now the jury has two more members.

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

Big Brother is doubling up on drama and deceit amid the Split House twist and Thursday's double eviction, that saw one fan favorite get the boot.

Season 24 of Big Brother has riled up longtime fans in a big way, and this week's Split House twist injected some real surprises into the already eventful and duplicitous season. Also, a new villain has emerged (at least according to fans on Twitter), that is once again casting a problematic light on certain houseguests.

So, which two houseguests were sent packing? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here's how everything that led up to and played out during Thursday's big show.

After Indy Santos got the boot last Thursday in what would turn out to be a regretful move by The Leftovers alliance, Julie Chen Moonves sprung some big news on the contestants: The remaining 10 houseguests would be divided into two groups and play a week of Big Brother separately.

As a quick refresher, here's who was in The Leftovers going into this week: Michael Bruner, Matthew "Turner" Turner, Brittany Hoopes, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener and Taylor Hale.

The alliance was formed in response to ousted houseguest Daniel Durston's treatment of Taylor, as well as many of the members feeling generally left out of game play by the cool kids, so to speak. Fast forward several weeks and most of the cool kids have been kicked out because of the powerful Leftover Alliance.

As the game tightens, however, Kyle recently revealed that he thinks certain members of The Leftovers are forming their own sub-alliance made up of only POCs. There's no reason to believe this, and there's no evidence of this, and it's not true, but that didn't stop Kyle from saying it out loud on camera to Michael and Brittany (who basically shot the "divide the house into two groups based on race" idea right down).

Kyle is also in a showmance with Alyssa Snider -- who is not in The Leftovers. This proved particularly important this week (although it's generally been messing things up for The Leftovers this whole time).

So, on Thursday, the Split House Twist threw everyone for a loop. Julie revealed that a Head of Household competition would decide who would be the HOH for "Big Brochella" (the group that gets to spend the week inside the house, with all amenities) and who would be the HOH for "Dyre Fest" (the group that would have to spend the week outdoors in the backyard).

Michael won yet another comp becoming the HOH of Big Brochella while Terrance Higgins finally gained some power and became HOH for Dyre Fest.

Michael chose Monte, Brittany, Taylor and Jasmine Davis (his main target) to spend the week in the house. Terrence chose Turner, Joseph, Kyle and Alyssa.

Almost instantly, Kyle sells out The Leftovers (his main alliance) to Alyssa and Terrance, in a staggering act of betrayal that seems like it will be impossible to cover up or walk back from. With the secrecy of The Alliance totally blown up, Terrance makes up his mind to evict Joseph.

Terrance put up Joseph and Turner for eviction. Meanwhile, Michael put up Jasmine and Monte.

Terrance surprised fans when he then won the Veto Comp, and used it to take Turner off the block and replace him with Kyle, thus essentially securing Joseph's eviction. All because of Kyle's betrayal.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Brittany won the Veto and kept the nominations the same. With everyone on the same page, this basically meant Michael's plan went off without a hitch.

And that brings us to Thursday's live eviction night!

Big Brochella was first to vote, and while Monte was a bigger threat than Jasmine, he's also part of the controlling alliance, so there wasn't much Jasmine could have done to save herself.

She accepted the 2-0 vote with grace and hugs, and departed the house for her exit interview with Julie.

"I'm not going to say that I'm completely shocked. When Monte came off the block, when Michael was HOH before, I figured something else was going on," Jasmine shared. "But I really did start to believe that Monte was a bigger threat than I was. But then, just their mannerisms and body language during this week at Big Brochella told me that I was probably going to be on the block. And yeah, they definitely got me."

Outside the house, Turner described the mood as something like "Lord of the Flies" and Joseph went all in on the attack in an effort to save himself. He fought Kyle's confessions with his own openness, laying out everything and trying to drive a wedge between Kyle and Alyssa.

All of it fell on deaf ears. Terrance, Turner, Alyssa and Kyle instead agreed to form a brand new final four called The Afterparty, and it seems like The Leftovers are essentially over.

When it came time to vote, Joseph seemed resigned to his fate, and a 2-0 vote sealed it.

When asked if he regrets being diehard loyal to The Leftovers, Joseph said he didn't regret a thing.

"Coming into this game, I wanted to prove a point. It's something I try to keep to, to my core. And although it got me in this chair, I would have done it no other way," he said, adding that he's tried to keep his "moral compass" in line, and that he doesn't respect Kyle's gameplay.

As Joseph joins the jury, only time will tell how Joseph's opinions on Kyle's style will impact his vote.

Now, it's time for The Afterparty to return to the main house. Will their secret stay safe with four people who seem to love spilling secrets? Will Michael and the remaining Leftovers figure out Kyle sold them out? The coming week will be interesting indeed.

Season 24 of Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.