Brittany Mahomes Gives 'Sad' Update on Pets They Planned to Welcome Into Family

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes' family were preparing to look after some pet ducklings.

Just one day after announcing their pet duck was expecting a clutch of ducklings, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes suffered some unfortunate news. A hungry raccoon raided and destroyed the duck's eggs overnight.

Earlier this week, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model excitedly revealed on Instagram that their duck would give birth to nine babies, sharing a photo of the eggs. "Our pet duck is gonna have 9 babies can't wait to see them," Brittany wrote.

However, she announced on Wednesday that the anticipated ducklings would not hatch after all. Brittany explained that a raccoon had discovered them and cracked open the eggs in their yard.

"It was a raccoon at 4:30 am this morning," a disheartened Brittany said in an Instagram Story. "I'm so sad."

Brittany Mahomes' Instagram Story - Instagram

The expectant duck mom had already lost one of the nine eggs a day prior due to unknown causes, leaving eight remaining before the raccoon's ruthless raid.

"One of the eggs was broke, and I think she literally took it away... and then there were 8," Brittany had noted on Tuesday.

Brittany Mahomes' Instagram Story - Instagram

While the Mahomes family, including their two young children, Sterling, 3, and Bronze, 17 months, are sad about the loss of the ducklings, they still have their furry companions, dogs Steel and Silver, to provide some comfort.

Brittany Mahomes' Instagram Story - Instagram

Brittany is known to share family moments, good and bad, on social media. Last month, she incorporated her and Patrick's adorable son into her exercise routine in the cutest way.

"My dumbbell for the day," Brittany captioned a photo of herself holding Bronze on her hip via her Instagram Story.

Brittany, who is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick, wore a blue workout style and snapped selfies and videos in the gym mirror while utilizing Bronze as a dumbbell, including carrying him on her back as she did squats.

Brittany Mahomes with her son, Bronze, at the gym. - Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

As fans can imagine, a workout with multiple children is a lot, but Brittany urges moms to take care of themselves.

"Just your daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor. Seriously," Brittany posted in March, adding, "From: A girl with a fractured back." 

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