Cardi B Concertgoer Reports Rapper for Battery After She Threw Her Mic During Las Vegas Performance

The rapper was performing in Las Vegas when she was hit in the face with a drink.

Cardi B has been listed as a suspect in a battery following that microphone incident in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The Las Vegas Metro Police issued a statement to ET on Monday, sharing that the concertgoer who was struck by Cardi's mic reported a battery to LVPD on Sunday, saying she had been "struck by an item" that was thrown from the stage while at Cardi's show at Drai's Nightclub. The incident was documented on a police report, with the "Up" rapper listed as the assailant. No arrest or citations have yet been issued.

It all went down Saturday after a concertgoer splashed Cardi in the face with water while she was performing at the Vegas club. In a video captured by fans, the rapper responded by throwing her microphone in the crowd.

At the start of the quick clip, the 30-year-old appears to be in good spirits while she wears a chic sheer orange set, and raps "Bodak Yellow." As she walks to the front of the stage, water is splashed on her face. Cardi quickly reacts by throwing the microphone into the crowd and then yelling in the direction of the person who threw the water. Security intervenes and removes the person from the audience before the show continues to go on.

As seen in the video, the mic struck the drink thrower, but ricocheted and also hit another woman standing next to her. It's currently unclear which of those women filed the police report. One of the concertgoers that did get hit did post about the incident on TikTok however, saying she's "brushed and sore."

An eyewitness told ET that the "Money" rapper asked for the crowd to help cool her off with water, but to only throw it on her legs and butt.

"Cardi B was performing at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas on Saturday. She was telling the crowd that she was hot and wanted them to throw water on her body and legs while she twerked due to the heat," the eyewitness says. "Then suddenly the girl in the video threw a drink in Cardi’s face. After the woman was escorted out, Cardi B continued the performance and told the crowd to throw the water on her a** not on her face."

Cardi took to social media to hint at the incident.

"WATER AND GAS INCLUDED …Literally #Jealousy," she wrote using the hashtag to promote her latest single with husband, Offset. 

Cardi also retweeted the video that was shared by her Cardi B Updates fan account and attempted to defend herself on TikTok, asking fans what they would if they got hit in the face "mad hard" with water and ice. She also said, despite continuing her performance, being pelted by the icy cold water did hurt.

It's not the first time Cardi has thrown a mic during one of her shows. Earlier in the weekend while at another Vegas engagement, Cardi tossed a mic at the DJ at the end of her performance.

The incident in Las Vegas with Cardi comes amid several other cases of performers being hit by items thrown onstage by fans. In June, Bebe Rexha was taken to the hospital, after she was hit in the face with a cellphone when a concertgoer threw it onstage. Earlier this month, Harry Styles was hit in the eye with an object, while onstage during his Love on Tour show.