Cole Sprouse Jokes About Why His Character Ben Was ‘Killed Off’ 'Friends'

Cole Sprouse
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One of Cole Sprouse’s first acting gigs was as Ben, the son of Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) on Friends, but as the seasons went on, fans started to notice that Ben disappeared entirely from the show after Ross even went on to have another child, Emma, with Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston).

In a new video for GQ, the 26-year-old actor answers some fan questions, including, "How do you feel about basically being killed off of Friends?”

He jokingly replies, "Critics would agree that Ross was really never the most present father, and so it doesn’t surprise me too much.”

Later in the video, Cole also explains why he was the only Sprouse to play Ben when he and his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, had shared previous roles. 

"Our appearance as the same character was sort of dependent on how much screen time we had,” he says. "In Friends, for example, my role was not too present. They only really needed to hire one twin because both of us were incredibly expensive.”

Cole Sprouse and David Schwimmer

Cole has been candid about his time on Friends in the past. During a November appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the Riverdale star admitted he “fell in love” with Aniston on the set. 

“I remember feeling so intimidated by my crush on her that I completely blanked and forgot every single one of my lines and she just stared at me and was waiting,” he said. “One of the crew members, it was one of the camera men, you guys know who are you, goes, ‘That little boy’s got a crush!’”

For more from Friends, watch the clip below: 


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