'CSI: Vegas': William Petersen and Jorja Fox on Why They 'Jumped' at Chance to Return

CBS drops a new trailer teeing up the anticipated series.

CSI: Vegas is off and running.

CBS' anticipated revival begins a new chapter of the blockbuster franchise in Las Vegas, where the original series was set. According to the official synopsis, "Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a brilliant new team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new techniques to preserve and serve justice in Sin City." 

The series' new trailer, released Thursday during the summer Television Critics Association press tour, reveals in greater detail the circumstances surrounding what reunites Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). With an investigation looking into potential ethics violations within the Crime Lab dating back 20 years ago, Grissom and Sara are tasked with finding out the truth, while also solving new cases.

"It's at once this familiar thing in my mind and also brand new," Fox said during the panel, adding that there's "a freshness, a newness" in the new iteration, though she confessed she was "a little rusty" stepping back into Sara's shoes. "The world, weirdly enough, is even more topsy-turvy than it was in 2000. There's much new happening and it's great to be grounded with William Petersen and be back as Sara and Grissom. Boy what a thrill that is and that's what kept my feet on the ground a little bit." 

"I didn't actually watch the show that much up until 2015. I actually didn't watch the show that much when I was shooting the show, except at the very beginning to see what we had. By being in the show I felt like I knew the show. It was unexpected to be asked to start a new version of this and I sort of jumped at it because of the idea of revisiting [the character], especially for me... for us to see who we are now [with Grissom and Sara]. Plus, it's a different world than it was 20 years ago," Petersen said, adding that as he's gotten older he's become more and more like Grissom. "The idea of coming back in the land of science, I thought, was really a great opportunity. And it's different because it's 20 years later. It's different because it's all new people too and that's all very exciting."

Also reprising their roles from the original series are Wallace Langham as David Hodges and Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass. Executive producer Anthony Zuiker teased that there "are more surprises" in store in regards to familiar faces returning. Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez and Mandeep Dhillon round out the new cast members.

As for how they plan to balance the serialization of the initial mystery of who's framing Guilfoyle's Brass along with the introduction of a new crop of characters, executive producer Jason Tracey promised that the Jim Brass mystery will reach a natural conclusion in the series.

Watch the new trailer for CSI: Vegas below.

CSI: Vegas premieres Wednesday, Oct. 6 on CBS. For more, watch below.

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