'Dancing with the Stars' Pro Cheryl Burke is Debating Her Future with the Franchise


The professional dancer recently opened up about her plans to stay on the show and her thoughts on adoption.

Cheryl Burke is getting candid about her plans for the future. Specifically, she's at the point where she's debating how much longer she'll be hitting the stage as a pro on Dancing With the Stars.

Burke, 38, recently spoke with Allison Kugel on a new installment of her Allison Interviews podcast on Tuesday and reflected on her vision for the future of her career and her personal life.

"Where I'm at right now is I'm not overthinking it right this second. Because, if I do another season of Dancing with the Stars, I just need to do it, when the time comes" Burke said. "Whether this will be my last season or not, I don't know."

Burke added, that if she doesn't return after the coming season, "I can then consume my brain with those thoughts."

Burke once again got candid about her own struggle with body image and body dysmorphia, and how that has impacted her internal debate about possibly getting pregnant or adopting at a point in time when she wants to become a mom.

"I would prefer not to have to put myself in a dance costume and just let myself gain weight," Burke continued. "I do believe I will start to love my body more when I don't have to shove my ass into a dance costume. So, right now [the possibility of getting pregnant] is on hold."

Earlier this month, Burke got candid on her own podcast about her struggles with mental health and sobriety, and admitted that the desire to drink again has "definitely been on my mind a lot more than normal."

Burke revealed that she has spoken to her therapist, and realized that it is because she hasn’t been active with her 12-step program and hasn’t completed the fourth step that “I seem to be stuck on for like the longest time now," adding that she is going to "slowly get back into it."

In 2021, Burke admitted to ET that being so public about her sobriety journey was "scary... Especially being sober." 

"It's been interesting for me to actually feel the feelings that are happening," Burke told ET. "It's almost been a whole new experience, in a good way. It's almost like I have a new love and passion for Dancing With the Stars, because seeing everything for how it is, and it's really nice."

Check out the video below to hear more.