'Dancing With the Stars' Reveals Who's Moving On to the Semifinals & Who's Going Home - See Who Got the Axe

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Dancing With the Stars returned on Monday and the couples are facing off in the ballroom.

Only six couples are still duking it out for the mirrorball trophy as the field narrows each week and tonight the celebs and their pro partners are performing two different dances in an effort to score points from the judges and earn viewer votes. The couples will first perform to songs from America's favorite girl groups, and then dance another routine performed by some of the biggest boy bands of all time.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are joined by a guest judge, *NSYNC's Joey Fatone. Meanwhile, ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best dances, emotional moments and the most shocking scores.

The show kicks off at Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET is bringing you all the highlights in real time.

And the Couple Going Home Is...

7:01 PM:

After all the judges' scores were combined with the viewers' votes, we learn which couples will be making it to the semi-finals.

Ally and Sasha, Kel and Witney, James and Emma, Hannah and Alan will all be moving on.

This means the Bottom Two include Sean and Jenna as well as Lauren and Gleb.

Carrie Ann goes first, voting for Lauren, and Bruno follows suit, meaning Sean is going on.

"Thanks to everyone who supported me... I loved being on this show and thank you for having me be a part of it," Sean says, before getting a group hug from the cast.


Here's how the remaining couples stand going into the semifinals:

Ally & Sasha - 40, 40 (80)
Kel & Witney - 34, 40 (74)
James & Emma - 36, 36 (72)
Hannah & Alan - 32, 39 (71)
Lauren & Gleb - 34, 36 (70)

Ally and Sasha Take Things 'Step By Step'

6:54 PM:

Following their flawless Spice Girls samba, Ally and Sasha hit the stage again for a fun, wild jazz routine set to New Kids on the Block's "Step by Step," and it's the perfect number to close out one of the most fun episodes of the season.

Joey praises the number and says it was just absolutely "well done."

"That was pure pop delight," Bruno says, before telling Ally that her dance reminded him of Paula Abdul, which brings her endless joy.

Carrie Ann says it was yet another "flawless" number from the pair.

"You have such a bubbly personality and it was reflected in this dance," Len says with a huge smile. "Well done."

Speaking with Erin after the feedback, Sasha addresses the fact that they've been in the Bottom Two twice this season.

"It's so scary and she deserves so much. Week in, week out, she works so hard," Sasha says of Ally. "I really hope we're not in the bottom two this week."

The pair earned ANOTHER perfect score, with all 10s yet again, for a combined total of 80 out of 80.

It seems that should automatically keep them out of the bottom two, but even if they somehow end up there, it's hard to imagine the judges voting for whoever they're on the chopping block with.

Here's hoping that delivering two flawless numbers is enough to secure their place on the show next week.

Kel and Witney Show Their Romantic Side With Viennese Waltz

6:42 PM:

Kel and Witney's second dance of the night is about as far from their first of any other couple of the night, but in a way that really does show the actor's range and versatility.

Following their powerful, passionate paso doble, Kel and Witney honored boy bands with a Viennese waltz set to Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You."

"I thought it was terrific," Len praises, calling it "a really polished performance."

Joey says it's a wonderful number that is even more impressive considering how much they had to learn this week.

Bruno says he danced like a "perfect gentleman."

Carrie Ann then praises Kel for incorporating her suggestion to do more with his arms from the first dance of the night, and gushes, "I love a man who can take direction."

The judges back up their love with some amazing scores, and award the duo with four 10s  for the second perfect score of the night.

This makes their combined score 74 out of 80, and placing them at the very top of the leaderboard.

Lauren and Gleb Get Some Special Help for Their Backstreet Boys Rumba

6:34 PM:

In Lauren's pre-taped package, she and Gleb get some special help for their boy band dance. The singer calls in Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean to visit their rehearsals and give them some pointers on how to add some Backstreet Boys moves into their Rumba.

When they hit the stage, the duo deliver a sensual and  impressive rumba routine set to "I Want It That Way" that truly shows how much Lauren has grown and evolved as a dancer since the start of the season.

Carrie Ann marvels over her development as a dancer, while Len praises Lauren for dancing a quickstep and rumba in the same night, which is no easy feat.

Joey jokingly throws some shade, saying that if it "was based on the song, I'd give it a zero" -- keeping that *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys feud alive. However, he says their dancing was "really, really great."

Bruno, meanwhile, is his normal, loud, effusive self, and the judges go on to award the pair four 9s for a total of  36 out of 40. This makes their combined total of 70 out of 80, and placing them in third place on the leaderboard (thus far).

Sean and Jenna Tell the 'Story of My Life' Through Dance

6:24 PM:

For their second number of the night, Sean and Emma hit the stage for a decidedly more elegant and shimmering foxtrot set to One Direction's "Story of My Life."

The routine is more delicate than their first number of the night, and feels more emotional and personal, but the judges don't seem to love it too much more.

Carrie Ann, Bruno and Len do their best to give positive critiques, but they mostly turn into just regular criticism -- and it's the same criticism Sean's been getting since the beginning.

However, Joey tries to inject some positivity by complimenting Sean on his effort and persistence.

In the end, the pair earn four 6s across the board from all the judges for a total of 24 out of 40, and a combined score of 50 out of 80.

Hannah and Alan Show BTS Some 'Luv' With Near-Perfect Tango

6:15 PM:

Hannah is brought to tears in her pre-taped package, as she cries from the stress of rehearsing and the pressures of the show. It's a raw moment of candid honestly (and an understandable result of having to learn two different dances in a single week).

However, as she and Alan hit the dance floor for their tango -- set to the megahit "Boy with Luv" by BTS -- there's absolutely nothing to cry over.

Joey says it's the "best dance of the night."

"I am purring like a kitten that just got a cream," Bruno says, before praising the pair's number. "You brought a lot of passion, but at the same time it was elegant."

Carrie Ann says Hannah brought her "A-game" for this number, and Len broadly gives the dance a "well done."

"I know I have so much to give... I get frustrated sometimes but it's because I want it so bad," Hannah tells Erin, addressing her near-meltdown shown in the pre-taped package.

However, there's nothing to be frustrated about with their near-perfect scores -- the pair earn a 9 from Len and three 10s from everyone else for an impressive score of 39 out of 40. This means their combined score for the night is an impressive 71 out of 80.

James and Emma Say 'Bye Bye Bye'

6:00 PM:

In the pre-taped package, James reveals that he once went out drinking with Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass -- when he was 21, but they were only 20 -- and he used his ID to try and sneak them into the bar.

It's the perfect intro to his Jazz routine set to *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," and the fact that he got to perform it in front of Joey is just wonderful.

Len says the dance had "a little too much aggression" for a jazz routine.

However, Joey says, "If I could give [a score of] 100, I would," and says that the dance was "hands-down awesome."

Bruno says James could have paid a little more attention to his partner, but in the context of this being Boy Band night, the choreography made a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Carrie Ann marvels at how James always manages to "give 300 percent."

Speaking with Erin, James marveled at how weird it feels to be dancing to an *NSYNC song in front of Joey, who he's known for years.

"If you told me 20 years ago when we first met that I would be dancing to his song here, I never would have believed you," James said with a laugh.

For his part, Joey rewards the tribute with a perfect 10 -- meanwhile, the pair got two 9s from Bruno and Carrie Ann and an 8 from Len for another 36 out of 40, and a combined score of 72 out of 80.

Kel and Witney Deliver Earth-Shaking Paso Doble

5:56 PM:

For their girl group-inspired number this week, Kel and Witney perform a paso doble set to En Vogue's "Free Your Mind," and it was a fun, powerful number that felt like a solid follow-up to their performance last week, in which they earned the show's first 10 of the season.

Decked out in all-black, Kel and Witney own the stage, and even as he's joined by a group of back-up dancers, Kel still captivates.

Joey Fatone says the pair did "an awesome job."

Bruno says they "set off all the seismographs in California" and that he's "overwhelmed by the power of performance."

Carrie Ann critiques Kel for not going big enough for not doing enough with his arms. Len seems to agree, saying the dance had "too many gimmicks and not enough paso doble."

The pair end up earning two 8s from Carrie Ann and Len and two 9s from Joey and Bruno for a total of 34 out of 40.

Lauren and Gleb Deliver a Supreme Quickstep

5:46 PM:

In her pre-taped package, Lauren addresses her recent breakup -- which happened right before the start of this season -- and she says the show has helped her cope.

"Being on Dancing with the Stars has been the perfect recipe for healing my broken heart," Lauren says. "It's like the show is my new boyfriend."

In the theme of romance, Lauren and Gleb hit the dance floor for a quickstep set to "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes, and it was a fun, energetic routine that was met with a standing ovation from the audience -- including Supremes singer (and former DWTS contestant) Mary Wilson.

Len likes the number, but says there were a couple of times they missed a few steps, which Joey agrees with (and they both get booed by a very supportive audience).

Meanwhile, Bruno shares, "You captured the joy of a timeless classic perfectly" and Carrie Ann says she "loved" the number.

The scores, however, are pretty surprising -- Carrie Ann and Len give 9s while Joey and Bruno give 8s for a total of 34 out of 40.

Ally and Sasha Spice Up Our Lives

5:36 PM:

The former Fifth Harmony band member pays tribute to another beloved girl group, the Spice Girls, with a sexy samba set to "Wannabe."

Nobody rocks a shimmering, fringe-covered cheetah print outfit like Ally, and the pair seem to be having so much fun. 

"The way you dance together is incredible," Carrie Ann marvels, adding that the dance was "flawless."

Len and Bruno were equally effusive with their praise, complimenting the duo's energy and the number's skillful content.

Joey shares some high praise, telling Ally, "From one boy bander to another girl bander, that was great."

After the judges' feedback, Spice Girl star Emma Bunton -- who was supposed to be a guest judge tonight but had to pull out -- joins the show via a pre-recorded message where she shares her love with Ally and Sasha, and the two freak out.

However, they freak out even harder when the judges reveal their scores -- all 10s across the board for the night's first perfect score, 40 out of 40.

Hannah and Alan Show Their Salsa Some TLC

5:27 PM:

Hannah and Alan came back from their near-perfect score for a fun salsa set to TLC's "No Scrubs," and it's a fun performance that Hannah and Alan clearly enjoy - although the judges aren't as sold.

Bruno says the pair did a great time, but that they lost their timing in a few moments. However, he says it doesn't matter because she is "a star attraction."

Meanwhile, Carrie Ann critiqued Alan's lifts, which was surprising.

Len says the number had a lot of Latin flavor, and actually likes the lifts, but says they were a little behind the music.

Joey, meanwhile, compliments their enthusiasm but agrees that the lifts were "sloppy."

The pair earn four 8s across the board for a decent 32 out of 40, and they both appear to agree with the final numbers.

After the judges feedback, Tom also congratulated Hannah on her People's Choice Awards win last night, and the Bachelorette alum thanks all her fans who made her win possible and who are supporting her on her DWTS journey.

Sean and Jenna Pay the 'Bills' With Argentine Tango

5:21 PM:

Jenna Johnson is back this week as Lindsay is still mourning the loss of her mother-in-law, and she and Sean spend their pre-taped package rehearsing for their Argentine tango, set to Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills."

Decked out in a pale green suit -- that feels like a call-back to his lime-green top from the season premiere -- the number doesn't require a whole lot from Sean, but he managed to do as good as he usually does, despite having to learn two different dances this week.

Joey says that he respects how Sean gave his performances "110 percent."

"The truth is, you tried very hard," Bruno says, but added that the dance looked more like "an Argentine straggle."

Carrie Ann says that, if he wants to improve his dancing, he has to work on his "artistry" and that there's "storytelling that is lacking."

Len, however, has the harshest critique saying, "The best thing about it was it wasn't very long."

The pair earned two 7s from Carrie Ann and Joey and two 6s from Len and Bruno for a total of 26 out of 40.

James and Emma Are 'So Excited' for Their Jive

5:11 PM:

The most important thing we learn from James' pre-taped package is that he was in an a cappella group in college, and that's just delightful.

As for James and Emma's jive routine set to The Pointer Sisters' "I'm so excited," it's equally delightful, and a great follow-up to their flawless performance last week.

Len praises the footwork and says James is very good.

Joey praises how "consistent" James' performances are.

"First out and we are on a roll," Bruno marvels, calling the dance "Brilliant."

Carrie Ann says James and Emma make the dance "look effortless," and praises the star's "really cool moves."

For their score, the pair earned four 9s across the board for a total of 36 out of 40.

We also found out from Tom and Joey that the *NSYNC star managed to split his pants during the opening number, and that's just the icing on the cake for how fun tonight already is.

And Here We Go!

5:03 PM:

It's Boy Band/Girl Group night, and I honestly think this is going to be a fun night.

Each of the stars will be performing two different numbers, with different styles, the first set to a hit from a girl group and the second from a boy band tune.

This should be interesting, and a great way to showcase this season's most talented dancers. After all, it's a lot harder to learn two dances in a week.

Here's where the stars stand coming in from last week:

Ally & Sasha - 30
James & Emma - 30
Hannah & Alan - 29
Kel & Witney - 28
Lauren & Gleb - 24
Sean & Jenna - 20

Last week, the elimination took a shocking turn when Kate Flannery and Ally Brooke found themselves on the chopping block. After some difficult deliberation, the judges ended up voting to save Ally, meaning Kate's DWTS journey came to an end.

Check out the video below to hear more from the Office star about her amazing time on the hit ABC reality competition series.


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