Danny Bonaduce Undergoes Brain Surgery Amid Hydrocephalus Diagnosis

Danny Bonaduce
Byron Cohen via Getty Images

The actor had the successful surgery on Monday and is currently in the hospital recovering.

Danny Bonaduce has undergone a successful brain surgery amid his hydrocephalus diagnosis -- a neurological disorder caused by liquid buildup in his brain. The actor's friend, Paul Anderson, told TMZ that Bonaduce had a two-hour procedure on Monday. 

In an effort to help his symptoms, Bonaduce underwent brain surgery in which doctors placed a shunt in his head to drain the excess liquid. The goal was to help him maintain his balance and aid in everyday mobility. 

The actor's wife, Amy, took to Twitter to share an update with fans, writing, "It’s been a long day but I just wanted to let you guys know that Danny’s surgery went according to plan and he’s doing well."

Following the surgical success, Bonaduce is still recovering in the hospital but is expected to be released in the next couple of days. His at-home recovery is expected to span 3-4 weeks, according to the outlet. 

Post-recovery, Bonaduce hopes to return to hosting his Seattle-based radio show, The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show

Earlier this month, and more than a year after the 63-year-old actor first opened up about his mystery illness, he revealed that he now has a likely diagnosis of hydrocephalus and planned to undergo brain surgery.

Bonaduce said that after "nobody could figure out" what was causing his slurred speech and balance issues, one doctor finally gave him a diagnosis for his symptoms: hydrocephalus.

According to Mayo Clinic, hydrocephalus, which occurs most frequently among infants and adults 60 and over, is the buildup of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain, which can damage brain tissues and cause a range of brain function problems.

"Currently, it looks like that's what I was having," the Partridge Family star told the outlet on June 2, before noting that he "can't figure out what caused it, because I've done so many stupid things."

"On a reality TV show, I took a guitar to the head. That hurt and was possibly the cause of all this. I got punched in the face by Jose Canseco, a 250-pound professional athlete," Bonaduce speculated. Indeed, Mayo Clinic notes that traumatic brain injury could be one possible cause of hydrocephalus.

"From what I hear, if the diagnosis is correct and it's hydrocephalus, it will be 50 percent better right out [of surgery]," he said, before sharing why he doesn't "want to get my hopes up too much that I'll be cured."

"Unfortunately right now... I will be completely bummed out if this doesn't work," he admitted. "I can't walk correctly. I just can't. Ten percent would be great, but I'm going for a full-blown [fix]... I'm never going to run track, I'm never gonna box again, but if I can get from here to the kitchen on my own, bravo!"

During an appearance on Good Morning America last June, Bonaduce revealed that his wife, Amy Railsback, first noticed that his speech was off. An ambulance ended up taking him to the hospital where he stayed for five days.

"I couldn't walk. I couldn't keep my balance. I slurred really badly," he recalled. "I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of my stairs for God's sake -- I was hoping for a diagnosis but did not get one."

The medical episode prompted Bonaduce to take a break from his Seattle-based radio show, but he returned to the airwaves months later after getting a studio put in his home.