Dax Shepard Fanboys Over Coldplay to Chris Martin's Ex Gwyneth Paltrow -- Listen!

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Even though Gwyneth Paltrow "consciously uncoupled" from Chris Martin, she can still appreciate his band's tunes!

The lifestyle guru sat down with Dax Shepard for a crossover interview that appeared both on the Goop Podcast and his own podcast, Armchair Expert. During the discussion, Paltrow opened up about what it was like being around the Coldplay frontman in his creative moments.

"I'm still with him a lot, we raise kids together, obviously, and we're very good friends. He really is like family to me," the 46-year-old businesswoman explained. "And I always love being around his music, and when he's creating music. And over all those years when we lived in the same house, you definitely get to be privy to some pretty inspired moments."

"I remember this one time, we'd put the kids to bed, and I had made dinner, and it was a regular night," she shared. "He got this weird look in his eye, and was like 'I've gotta go to the piano, and literally, I'm not kidding, like, maybe four minutes later, the song 'Paradise' was done."

At that point, Shepard marveled at the story, going on to fan-out a little over the hit song, saying, "That one f**king got me. That one got me big time."

"They have had several that really got me in a chokehold," the 44-year-old actor went on. "'Yellow' for me..."

"That was a good one," Paltrow responded.

"Isn't it awesome how a couple can own a song? They can just decide it's theirs?" Shepard mused. "Probably 16 million people around the world have, like, decided it's theirs."

"It's so nice, at a Coldplay concert or at any concert, you can spot what those songs are," Paltrow agreed.

Paltrow and Martin split in 2016, but have remained friends and co-parent since. Last year, Paltrow married Brad Falchuk.

Meanwhile, the fun conversation got even more candid when Shepard went on to remember more music moments in his life, sharing that he even can remember the song he lost his virginity to -- because he had planned on what it would be

"I lost my virginity intentionally to 'Love My Way' by The Psychedelic Furs in the basement of my house," he said. "We got right to the action and I did not make it to the chorus and then I was just very confused."

Listen to more of the two stars' chat below. And to hear the Goop version of the podcast, go here.

Last year, Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, celebrated their five-year anniversary together.

Watch the video below for more of our favorite moments with the couple!


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