Drew Barrymore Reveals If She's Ever Lied About Her Age on a Date (Exclusive)

During the latest edition of ET's 'Dear Drew,' the actress answers fan questions about aging in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore is getting honest about aging, and defying beauty standards in a social media-driven world.

During the latest edition of Dear Drew, which runs every Thursday on Entertainment Tonight, a fan asked the 46-year-old actress, "How have you dealt with aging and staying confident?"

"Somehow, as a kid, I knew that vanity was a losing battle," The Drew Barrymore Show host told ET's Nischelle Turner. "We should look inside ourselves rather than looking out to these impossible standards that have made many a woman crazy. I just think the more confident you are, the more beautiful you are, at any age."

Barrymore stands by her word, so much so that when a second viewer asked, "If you could go back and be any age again, what would it be?" she proudly responded, "I wouldn't!"

"I know that's a boring answer, but it's true. I think today is my best day so far," she explained. "I am so proud of it because I'm so much calmer, wiser, smarter -- and I'm still an idiot, and still have so much to learn."

One of our favorite questions came from a fan of Barrymore's 1999 film Never Been Kissed: "Dear Drew, have you ever lied about your age in real life?"

"I don't think I could've gotten away with that," she joked. "I never got to go an a blind date and I never lied about my age ... that is not something I ever got to do."

On last week's Dear Drew, Barrymore responded to fan questions about all things style, including her favorite look she's ever worn to the Oscars. "I liked when I wore the daisies in my hair," she shared, referring to her look at the 70th Academy Awards in 1998. "Grocery store daisies, and then I took a can of glitter from a beauty supply store and sprayed it on myself everywhere."

"The red carpet is a place to play and go for it," she continued. "And you only live once, so just have fun!"

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