'DWTS': Hannah Brown Apologizes to Carrie Ann Inaba for Seemingly Acting 'Dismissive' Over Her Critiques

The pair cleared the air on Monday night's episode.

Hannah Brown and Carrie Ann Inaba cleared the air on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars.

The former Bachelorette, who has arguably received the toughest criticism from Inaba all season, apologized for how she reacted when the judge crashed her and pro partner Alan Bersten's rehearsals earlier this week. 

As fans saw in the package that played shortly before Brown's "redemption" Rumba, Inaba stopped by #TeamAlanbamaHannah's rehearsals to provide tips and tricks on how they could perform the dance style better a second time around. At first, Brown was open to Inaba's help, even expecting her to push her extra hard after a season of critical comments. But things quickly got emotional as Inaba offered her coaching. 

"You're doubting yourself, so you're trying to cut it short. You have to show it off more," Inaba said, as Brown got frustrated. "I know it’s hard, stay with me." 

"It's fine," Brown replied, as tears started to well up in her eyes. 

"I'm a judge, I can take it. Trust me," Inaba pleaded. "I'm not here for any other reason but to help you."

The judge then headed over to comfort Brown -- who was not into the gesture. "I don't want to be touched," she shared. 

Inaba eventually got through to Brown, however, and she killed it on the dance floor. Before host Tom Bergeron asked the judges for their feedback, Brown interrupted and said she had something to say.

"I just want to say I am so sorry if it seemed like I was dismissive," said Brown. "I had a really hard day that day. It was really emotional learning my contemporary [routine]."

"I didn't handle my emotions very well," she added. "I'm so sorry if it seemed like anything else."

"I was never offended by that," Inaba said, and the two shared a hug. "What I noticed is you improved a heck of a lot... I'm really proud of you, Hannah. Well done." 

Brown's Rumba to "Dancing With a Stranger" by Sam Smith and Normani earned a score of 27 out of 30 from the judges. 

The former pageant queen then told co-host Erin Andrews that she "never thought [the judges] were trying to attack me."

"I want the critiques because I want to get better. I think it was just a compilation of everything I was going through that day, unfortunately," Brown explained. "Carrie Ann had to come in at that time... I didn't mean to come across any other way."

In his guest blog for ET last week, Bersten opened up about the "emotional" dance they have planned for their second performance. 

"As for Hannah and I's strategy, I think this week we have to get into the dance more than ever. We have an emotional dance and I would love for everyone to feel the story she's going to be telling," he wrote. 

See more in the video below.