Cindy Crawford Admits Young Models Like Daughter Kaia Are Pressured to Be 'Much Thinner'

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Cindy Crawford is getting real about the pressures of today's modeling industry.

In a new interview with Refinery29, the 50-year-old model opens up about the different expectations of models, now that her daughter, 15-year-old Kaia, is starting to follow in her footsteps.

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"I have a daughter who is entering this world, and the expectation is for them to be even thinner now. I was always a size 6; I was never super-skinny and I never felt bad about it," she shares. "You could have boobs, you could have hips, you could have a little extra flesh. Now, the models are expected to be so much thinner."

"When every model is expected to be a size 0, I don’t necessarily think that is a great message for women," she adds. "The biggest change that I have seen for the young women that are modeling today is even more pressure to be even thinner."

While Crawford is trying to guide her daughter through the modeling world the right way, she does admit that there are a few things Kaia teaches her.

"I think we teach each other," Crawford says. "She's so unafraid of trying new things, partly because of her age, but partly because this generation has access to YouTube videos. She'll come downstairs and be like, 'Look, my makeup is different today.' She reminds me that makeup is supposed to be fun."

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But after decades in the industry, Crawford still has the best skincare advice.

"I think the best thing that she's learned from me, besides to wash it all off every night before you go to bed, is to use good products on your skin," she reveals. "You can get away with a very inexpensive eyeshadow or lipstick, but make sure what you’re putting on your skin is really good. And then, less is more -- you don’t want people to say that your makeup looks really good, you want people to say that you look good."

Kaia must be following her mom's advice, because the two couldn't look more alike. ET caught up with the young model in August, where she said that it was only recently that she recognized their uncanny resemblance.

"People have always told me that and I never saw it until like a year ago and I was like, 'OK!'" she confessed, adding that nowadays, when she sees side-by-side photos of herself and her mother, the similarities are "undeniable."

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