George Clooney Reveals He Thought He Was Going to Die Following Motorcycle Crash: 'It Was Bad'

The actor revealed that he didn't think he'd survive after splitting his helmet on a car windshield after his crash last July.

George Clooney is opening up about his frightening motorscooter crash and the terrifying moment he thought he might die.

"I hit him at 70 miles per hour, so it was bad," recalled the Catch-22 star, reflecting on the brutal collision that occurred in Italy in July 2018 during his recent appearance in The Hollywood Reporter's First Look.

"I split my helmet in half. It knocked me out of my shoes, it hit hard," explained Clooney, who was driving his motorscooter down the street near Olbia, Italy, when he collided with a Mercedes and was sent flying through the air into the windshield of the vehicle.

Clooney said that, in the moment, he realized it was his head that seemed to take the brunt of the impact and he was fairly sure he wasn't going to survive the crash.

"It was bad and I was waiting for the switch to turn off because I broke his windshield with my head,” Clooney said. "I thought, ‘OK, well, that's my neck.'"

The actor -- who shares two 1-year-old twins, daughter Ella and son Alexander, with wife Amal Clooney -- a went on to say that the near-death accident was sufficient reason to stay off the bike for the foreseeable future.

“If you get nine lives, I’ve got all of them used up," Clooney shared. "So I can let go of motorcycle riding for a while."

The crash occurred early in the morning on July 10, as Clooney was on his way to the set of the Hulu miniseries Catch-22 at the time of the traffic collision.

An MRI was performed at a nearby hospital, and the results came back negative. Authorities say that Clooney was not seriously injured and confirm he was released from the hospital a short time later.

For more on the unsettling crash, watch the video below.