Hailey Baldwin Bails on Rating Justin Bieber's Looks and Instead Eats Meat Jelly

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin’s appreciation for husband Justin Bieber’s hotness has gone to a whole new level!

The 22-year-old Drop the Mic co-host appeared on Wednesday’s The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she played the gross-out game "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts."

Baldwin was first asked to reveal how much money she made from her now-infamous Fyre Festival promo or risk drinking bird saliva. 

"I am not gonna share, but it made for a very generous donation to charity,” the model noted, which Corden let slide. 

The Late Late Show host wasn’t quite as generous when it came time for Baldwin’s second question. Placing a disgusting square of "pig flesh meat jelly” in front of the model, Corden asked, "Rate these Justin Bieber looks from best to worst — long hair, dreads, or baby Bieber.”

At first it seemed like Baldwin was ready to answer the question, noting, "First of all, he is so handsome. I loved the dreads, personally. I thought they looked really cool. Loved it. There’s absolutely no doubt he’s an adorable kid. Who didn’t love the swoosh?”

As she continued to stare at the three photos of her now-husband, Baldwin was seemingly having an internal struggle, and finally cut into the gelatinous blob.

"I think he looks hot. I think he looks good in all of them!” she insisted, taking a bite before spitting it out into a bucket. 

Later in the show, Baldwin opened up about her best friend, Kendall Jenner, who made a claim about Baldwin’s bad driving during a Carpool Karaoke episode.

"I think she’s just referring to the fact that I’m not as good of a driver as her because she’s an excellent driver,” Baldwin said of the reality star. "She’s such a bada** tomboy, and she’s really good at sports, and she’s much more athletic than I am, and I think she’s just a better driver than I am.” 

For more from Baldwin and Bieber, watch the clip below: 


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