Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Reveal Which 'Bachelor' Alums Are Getting Wedding Invites (Exclusive)

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' couple join ET's Lauren Zima for a game of 'Sip or Spill.'

It's time for Bachelor Nation to sip or spill!

Bachelor in Paradise alums Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour join ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday's episode of Roses & Rose, where they play a new game, "Sip or Spill." With cups of tea in hand, the couple sips while addressing what's going on with their friend, Tyler Cameron's, love life -- but happily spills on their own, including which Bachelor alums will be scoring invites to their wedding. 

"Hannah [Brown], Heather [Martin], Katie [Morton] and Demi [Burnett]. We call ourselves HHHDK," Godwin reveals. 

"That's a crew. It's a force to be reckoned with," quips Barbour, who says Mike Johnson is at the top of his list for invites. "Mike brings a lot of energy. That's who I definitely want [there]."  

Barbour and Godwin got engaged on the season six finale of Bachelor in Paradise, but say they're not planning to have a televised wedding. 

"We want it to be kind of small and intimate with our family. One thing we talk about is we shared a lot of ourselves on Paradise and we want to kind of circle back with those that mean the most to us," Barbour explains. 

"I think [we want] a smaller wedding and a bigger reception after," he adds. 

Godwin and Barbour sipped when it came to answering who won't be getting an invitation to their wedding. That attitude extended to discussing Cameron's recent nights out with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou. Barbour, Cameron and Peter Weber were spotted at an L.A. Rams game with Karanikolaou and Jenner last month. 

"I was just there to see the Rams game," Barbour says. "I think Tyler's really busy with work and he's focused on himself, so I'm super happy he's taking this time to focus on his career."

Before Karanikolaou, Cameron dated Gigi Hadid; that romance came just days after he spent the night with Brown following her Bachelorette finale. She's since moved on -- and won Dancing With the Stars -- but is seen in the trailer for Weber's upcoming season of The Bachelor. 

"I'm dying to know what actually happened in that conversation. It either went really well or it was like a closure thing," Godwin says. "So, I feel weird being like, 'Yeah, they should be together,' because what if the conversation was the total opposite?" 

As for their own relationship, Godwin and Barbour couldn't be happier. "I think we just place our relationship above everything else, so we make an effort to see each other probably three to four days a week and talk every day nonstop," says Barbour, who lives in San Diego while his fiancee resides in Los Angeles. 

"We never go to sleep angry or mad. It's just always putting it out on the table," Godwin chimes in. "Even if it doesn't sound great, [it's] how we feel."

Barbour is still head over heels for Godwin -- "I'm just as all over her and in love with her as I was [in Paradise]," he shares -- and they've definitely reached a new level in their relationship. Their most embarrassing on-camera moment occurred just minutes after they stepped out for the first time as an engaged couple during the BiP finale. 

"When we were up in our little hot seat, a booger fell out of my nose in front of everybody," Barbour confesses. 

"It didn't air," Godwin says. "I'm not kidding, I've never laughed so hard. It was our first time as an engaged couple, going to talk to Chris [Harrison], and we're sitting there, and I kind of, out of the corner of my eye... Dylan is picking his nose. I looked over and he said, 'I think there's a booger in my nose.' He breathed and it fell."

"Chris, I'm sure, was like, 'What are they doing right now?'" Godwin recalls. "I flicked it off."

Godwin always has Barbour's back -- but she's just returning the favor. "You're very, very thoughtful," she gushes to her fiance. 

The Bachelor returns Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more on Godwin and Barbour in the video below. 


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